Mrs Lifecruiser hot or not

The question about being hot or not, really is a tricky one. What is it that makes a person hot?

Is it the common believe of certain criterias that makes us think in that way? Does it exist such a frase? I mean in some persons eyes it’s beautiful with a woman slender like a model, but others may want a women with more curves. There is so many different tastes.

On top of that there is a lot of other things that influence the impressions on us. OK, good looking can make us think that this person is really beautiful – at first sight. But what about if the good looking person is a really mean and selfish person? Is he/she still beautiful then?

Is the person hot just because he/she is trendy and maybe even a celebrity? Or is blond and have big boobs?

Can a person that don’t make a good impression at first sight, grow and become beautiful to you?

Is it really the truth that beauty lays in the beholders eye….?

What if that beholder takes a beer or two or three or four….and the woman he first experienced as plain ugly becomes more and more beautiful during the night? Is it still true?

What about opening our eyes and actually SEE people for what they are and not look at the surface at all? Maybe we will be surprised?

Hm… Maybe not soo good idea when come to think about it… Maybe Mr Lifecruiser suddenly will discover the reality of me and scream: – Help! I’m married to the ugly witch!! *running away*

Schhhh, don’t you dare to tell him!!! He thinks I’m a sweet princess….

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    Happy and Blue said:

    If looks were the deciding factor then there are a lot of rock stars, models and movie stars that would never get a date.
    In the final analysis personality and compatibility are far more important than outward appearances.
    And are you suggesting you may not be a sweet princess..

    mrhaney said:

    when we first meet some one we are attracted by there looks which is bad in a way because those are the ones we approach. then after we stay with them a while we find out who they truly are. when you are drunk on the other hand you notice the gender but not how pretty they are. you know they have a nose but do not notice how big. you don’t even know fat from skinny. you just know it is the opposite sex, if that’s what you are looking for.

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    So right you are there Happy and Blue, but on the other hand, don’t you think that for the celebritys it has something to do with all their money and fame?
    And about the sweet princess thing; scchhhh…. I’m not a sweet princess, I’m just a troll or witch making up my appearence with my magic stick. OK, I must admit, I’m not so good at the magic, so it went a little bit wrong. I meant to be the most beautiful princess but ended up like an ordinairy person. I have to practise a little bit more….

    Mr Haney, we loved the comment about the nose especially *smiling* and it was truthfully things you said.

    Dot said:

    Mrs life cruiser, I have already decided that you are a sweet caring person and a very thoughtful daughter. The way you are there for you wonderful Mom proves that. I am sure your hubby would agree that a thoughtful caring person makes a wonderful wife.
    Looks might draw your eyes, but only getting to realy know a person can show what kind of person they truly are. I have always felt thats what makes courtship worthwhile. Gives one a chance to get to know the real person behind those good looks. Courtship that lasts at least a few months, preferably longer usually loses the pretend and lets the real show thru letting you know more about the person. Best to take time to know a person before marrying them. Sometimes prevents hardships later on. All the best!

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    You’re almost making me blush of all the kind words Dot! I’m not so good at receiving compliments even though my hubby always is giving me them.
    It’s easier to take the compliments about my mother, because she truly is a admirable person!
    Yes, it’s good to know the person a little better before being married. We got married after almost 8 months, but we were living together before that. Thats’ very common here in Sweden. You get a chance to know how it is to live together before taken the big step of getting married.
    For us it was a perfect match at first sight and still is. Because we met only two years ago and we were older and wiser than before. We both have very long relationships behind us (20-27 years), so we know what it takes to keep it going.
    We only wish that we could have met earlier…

    deni said:

    Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    Loved your post, the only thing is my hubby already knows that I can be a ugly witch, amazingly, he still loves me!

    Miss Ass.Lifecruiser said:

    I’m NOT hot…that’s for sure! Cold..freezing.. sexy with wool socks and warmups..push ups ..stay ups..!!! BUT..I’m gonna have a party for one on friday and became a hot lady… lol….

    My dear friend Mrs.Lifecruiser is always a hot babe… in many ways!

    Mrs Lifecruiser said:

    Ahhh, good for you Deni. There is nothing compairing to blind Love, isn’t it? *smiling*

    Sure, Miss ass. I’m hot due to the fact that Mr Lifecruiser is like an radiator and I’m like a spinning cat on the radiator *lol*

    I know you’ll have a smashing time on the party on Friday!!! Have fun….

    poopie said:

    Like my momma always said “Beauty is only skin deep.” Only some skin is thicker than others :razz: Nice to meet you Mrs. Lifecruiser!

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