Lucky door, Faro, Gotland, Sweden

We found a horseshoe hanging upside-down above our farm door at our summer island Fårö, (Gotland, Sweden), so we had to rotate it and put it up right.

You do know what they say? If the horseshoe is hanging with the opening down, the luck will run out…

Lifecruiser Horseshoe Luck

4 Comments on “Horseshoe Luck Door Photo”

    al said:

    You are so superstitious! LOL!!!!

    TorAa said:

    Lucky you were there and knew about the old saying..

    Gattina said:

    I thought horseshoes always bring luck no matter if they hang up or down unless they fall on your head !

    Thanks for all your kind comments !


    Nope, the luck will “fall out” if hanging with the opening down… lol!

    BTW: don’t you have your birthday now? Happy birthday x millions! *singing for you*

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