In Sweden the golf season has just started fully now when the weather has become warmer and the grass begin to grow properly to make good enough greens. That reminded me of our photos from a golf trip we did last year in June, to the southern Sweden and the Hooks Mansions Golf Course.

Sweden: Hooks Golf Course - Lifecruiser swing

Yes, that’s a true Lifecruiser golf swing….lol… Hook’s golf course was as lovely as the weather and they have two courses, one park and one forest course – I did like the forest course much more than the park course, because it was more of a challenge.

Golf courses most often offers really beautiful nature too, which you can see in Lifecruiser Hooks Golf Course Photos at Flickr.

Hooks official webpage:

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2 Comments on “Hooks Mansion Golf Course Southern Sweden”

    Ryan said:

    Wow Sweden looks like a great location to golf, excuse my ignorance I thought it would be too cold to golf there. How long is weather suitable to golf in Sweden?


    Yes, many might think that Ryan, but we have a short season for golf from May – September, even though the weather varies quite a lot in the beginning and end of season, also from year to year!

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