Holmsbu Bad & Fjord Hotel is situated beautifully in the village of Holmsbu, Hurum, about 50 minutes from Oslo, the capital of Norway.

It was at this small Hotel we were celebrating Anna’s birthday.

The Hotel has roots that goes back so far as to around 1880 and is perfect for a birthday party or wedding. It only has 36 hotel rooms plus the conference facilities, bar and restaurant.

It’s more intimate when it’s not too big, don’t you think?

This was our room we slept in, with a very good bed mattress, I must admit that we slept well. The few hours we did sleep….


On our trips abroad, we seldom find good hotel beds, for some reason they’re always too hard and no top mattress. I don’t know if they don’t have any in other countries or if it’s only the Hotels that don’t bother with them?

The breakfast room among others, has very nice marine paintings on the walls, so I felt at home at once.


There is also an art gallery nearby, but we never got the chance to visit it, it was not the right moment for it. There are three central artists before the classic-decorative Norwegian painting tradition that established in early 1900.

From the Hotels terrace you have this beautiful view over Holmsbu harbor – quite enchanting, don’t you think?


The hotel is situated at the Hurum peninsula (which separates the Drammensfjord from the Oslofjord) at the shore of the Drammensfjord, a narrow inlet of the sea.

It’s simply divine to sit on the terrace having a drink with the stunning view over fjord!


It’s open for the public in May to September (rest of the year only conferences or education), so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, don’t hesitate to make a visit.

The Holmsbu village is not big and has wonderful old wood houses. You can see some of it in this photo, taken when we’re leaving Holmsbu.


I also must tell you that to get there, we had to go through the Oslofjord Tunnel, which is one of the longest underwater tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe.

It’s 7.2 km long, max depth of 134 meters below sea level, with a gradient of 7% – what a tunnel creation!

Lifecruiser Holmsbu

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    Norway is a nice place. Last time, I visited Oslo, Bergen and Flam.

    Borneo Falcons last blog post..Sultan Ismail (Senai) International Airport

    akaracquel said:

    With views like that, i would probably spend more time looking out the window than sleeping. Haven’t come across a single hotel without the top matress here but i find your picture of the bed intriguing because my husband & i have a similar arrangement with two separate doona covers (he gets too hot, i get too cold) instead of just the one blanket. “Presenting” the bed (..erm or guests to snoop at?! lol) has always been a challenge as how am i supposed to fold two doonas on a single bed? I really like the way they’ve folded them – it’s a great solution which would look fantastic on our bed which has dark chocolate & caramel colours here. I thought we were the only people who slept like this – nice to see we’re probably not that alone with a sleeping arrangement like this one :D

    shalimar said:

    I have visited this place am going to blog about this for you , Tor and Renny…. small inn and hotels in scandinavia and Switzerland always have good mattresses and good duvet…..

    Ling said:

    I’ve seen lots of hotel rooms and beds, and I have to say that this one looks really comfy. Almost like home. Captain, you gotta start working on a list of all these neat hotels and places you visit. Everything looks great, but I just forget about it when you make the next post.

    Caroline said:

    Really lovely pictures – it looks like a beautiful place to spend some time

    Carolines last blog post..Different school systems

    Gattina said:

    What a cute little town ! Looks like a very nice place ! I don’t know about matrasses, I never pay attention I just fall asleep, lol !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    TorAa said:

    What a fabulous credit to the Hotel and village.
    We are so greatful you really appreciated.

    The place for Anna’s 3×20 event was handpicked. To give our dear guests a flavour of us and also to express something about Norwegian Culture and food besides the Nature here at the Norwegian South East Coast . Which are rarely known by foreigners.

    TorAas last blog post..Cats on Tuesday Sept 30: You stupid man

    TorAa said:

    One of my favorite places on earth. I am so lucky to live on this beautiful peninsula from May to October. I was very proud to have my 60- years celebration at Holmsbu Bad; a very good hotel with a long historie. I was there for more than 30 years ago and I loved it then as well as now! The food was excellent!

    Thank you very much, for your partisipation in my bursday celebration. You and Mr Lifecruiser made a very good performance (funny as you both are).I loved your good descripsion of Holsbu!

    Love from Anna!

    TorAas last blog post..Cats on Tuesday Sept 30: You stupid man


    No top mattress? That’s not right! :) Looks like a beautiful trip full of exciting adventures anyway though. :)

    Lisa’s Chaoss last blog post..Curious

    eunice said:

    I love the enchanting view over Holmsbu harbor and Fjord! I have neither been to Norway nor any part of Scandinavia, but know that it’s a very beautiful. It’s definitely on my travel list!

    eunices last blog post..Singapore Formula One Night Race

    RennyBA said:

    Yea it was a very nice place – actually I had never been there, so it was new to you too.

    I do agree: the few hours I tried: the beds where just great ;-)

    The Oslo Fjord tunnel is quite long, but did you know that Norway’s longest is more than 25KM (Sognefjord tunnel).

    What funny: You are posting about a beautiful place in Norway and as you can see in my last post, I post about a wonderful place in Sweden. Talking about good neighbours ;-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..Hunting the Nordic golden beauty of Fall

    DianeCA said:

    It really was quite a charming hotel. We enjoyed our stay there very much. The room was a bit small but well worth it for keeping the hotel’s original charm. And it was relatively quiet in spite of one big birthday party and a wedding going on!! Thanks for the memories.

    DianeCAs last blog post..Getting away in the fall mountains of Norway

    SwordMama said:

    So beautiful! I wonder what it must have been like to have gone through the tunnel under the sea. Amazing!!

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