Finally we can tell you about our holidays 2011 travel plans so far. Before and during summer and some thoughts about autumn-winter. We hope that you will tell us about your holiday plans too!

In May we have plans of doing a roadtrip to the south of Sweden, since this is the month when the Swedish golf season starts.

We want to use 2 free greenfee tickets at a golf course that hubby won, including a couple of free hostel nights tickets we’ve got. It’s always nice with budget travel alternatives.

Hooks Golf Course, Sweden

Today they have two scenic 18 holes golf courses with very good reviews among golfers in Sweden – one park course and one forest course.

We’ve been thinking about it since last year actually and this year we hope for it to become reality. Last years travel plans were changed because of the weather in May which wasn’t so good – there were floods in a lot of places where we wanted to travel.

If we get there this year, you’ll get full report about the golf course and the area around it later on this blog.

Our regular readers friends know where to we always want to travel in the summer and so even for the holidays 2011. Yes, to the best beach in Sweden – at the island of Gotland at the east coast.

Faro, Sudersand Beach, Petters glasskiosk, Gotland, Sweden

Until now we didn’t know if we could travel there this summer because of economical problems, but now we know that we will get some tax refunds that will cover our stay there, but nothing more. Phew! Saved once more.

I simply could not survive without our precious paradise island after this long and difficult winter we have had!

We did have some loose plans to travel to Provence in France in October to visit Claudie and Pierre if they had their new house built, but it will not be ready in time unfortunately, so it’s postponed. Building a house is not an easy task.

For the winter we would have loved to stay somewhere else where it’s warmer than Sweden – earlier thoughts have altered between the Philippines or Spain, but as it looks right now it won’t be possible this upcoming winter either. *sigh*

I sincerely hope that it will change and some opportunity come up because I won’t take it much longer with the harsh winters!


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    Gattina said:

    I hope that you will have at least a wonderful warm summer at your favorite place !
    I will go mid June with a friend to Istambul and do a city tour of 10 days (with 3 days rest in Istambul) I loved this city so much that I wanted to go back there to discover more. 2 days were not enough ! After that as usual I will be with my friends at English coast end July and of course also as usual my 2 weeks holidays in Egypt to prepare me for the winter ! It’s really cheap there and 25°C guaranteed !

    al said:

    what a good plan! as usual, we do not have any plans. all i know, is that we are going to stay in the cabin for some days and work the whole summer. i hope o get away from the winter even for a few weeks.


    Yes, we hope for that too Gattina – some sun and the beautiful nature there could heal anything :-) ))
    Sounds like you’ve really loved Istanbul. I hope we can get there some day too, but until then I can enjoy others report of it and I’m looking forward to read yours too!
    You know the English coast has been one of my wishes for many years too. We loved both Scotland and Ireland and from what I’ve seen from pictures, we would love to drive around in England too!
    We’ve been talking about Egypt too before. Maybe we will get there when we get pensioners… *giggles*


    It sounds like you’re going to work a lot Al, I really hope you’ll get your well-deserved “escape” after that :-)

    al said:

    i wish i can have a little vacation after the summer traffic. somewhere warm :)

    daniel said:

    I wish I could sail with you to the South of Sweden. I long to visit the town of Ystad where the fictional police detective Kurt Wallander lived. I have read all of the series by Swedish author Henning Mankell and if you like a good novel you could do a lot worse.

    steven said:

    This is life, I know. I wish I would have my yearly plan like you. Hopefully you will bring us beatuiful pictures during traveling.


    I think summer is best days to visit there where beaches and we can relax. There is great fun on beach and can take sun bath also. I planning to go Malaysia with friends in July. Can you mention some best resort there where we can stayed and spent our 10 day. Waiting for your reply.


    I’m sorry but we don’t have any tips for Malaysian resorts we have stayed at, because the one we would have stayed at in 2005 when we had planned to go there, got destroyed by the Tsunami ;-(

    (It also depends on what kind of resort you want, beach, spa, golf or what and also if you want luxury or budget etc.)

    However, if you look at hotel search sites like the SLH (they would be my first personal choice) & Jetradar in our sidebar for resorts and find one you like, then read all the reviews you can find about it before booking, ex look it up in sites like ex. Tripadvisor, where there are many travelers giving their reviews.

    (Though be aware of the fact that there are sometimes fake reviews too :-)

    You could also put the question in Twitter & Facebook to see if any of your friends/followers have any tips for you or search for Malaysian Travel Bloggers to ask them specifically.

    I hope you got some help out of this, good luck :-)

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