Hat on farm door, Faro, Gotland, Sweden

Summer hat (bought in Provence, France), hanging at our door at Fårö island, Gotland, Sweden.

A true holiday sign, don’t you think…?

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6 Comments on “Holiday signs: Hat on door”

    al said:

    I agree !!!

    claudie said:

    I should buy one! This one is perfect for a good protection!

    Ginnie said:

    It definitely tells you what time of the year it is, LC. :)


    Yes, it’s a perfect hat Claudie, because it’s not so thick and thus not so warm to wear. I used it well when visiting you and Pierre – hopefully it will survive until we meet again :-)


    It sure does Ginnie, ha ha – imagine wearing it in the cold, snowy, Swedish winter time! People would think I’d be crazy!

    …and of course, I am a bit crazy so you’ll never know… *giggles*

    Seb said:

    Great hat and great photo. I’ve never been to Sweden, but have spent a lot of time in Provence. Usually in the spring before all the lavender, but also before all the tourists. We usually drive up from Italy when we go to visit my family who live near Pisa. We always try to spend some time on the coast near St. Maxime and Frejus before heading inland. Did I mention, great blog!!

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