We have been at our summer island Fårö for two weeks now and the past week we have been taking beach walks at our engagement beach Norsta Auren at several times. Many other even take a bicycle ride along the beach there – or some by horse.

Sweden, Fårö: Beach walk by Mr Lifecruiser

We have had really peaceful and relaxing hours there, laying among the sand dunes away from the wind. Yes, it has been quite windy this week, but that was only refreshing, making it exactly the right temperature to not sweat at all.

Simply divine holiday times making us very relaxed… We really needed that after a couple of tough and busy years.

Today when you read this, we’re on our way down to Visby town to pick up our Norwegian friend Kari who arrives by airplane and after that Jane that arrives by the ferry.

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    Ginnie said:

    I’m so glad you’re having this wonderful vacation time. Soon, before you know it, you’ll be here in the Netherlands and we’ll finally get to meet you!

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