We bought a fishing rod for Jane and a cheap one for us and went up to the nearby Eke swamp to test it. Though we did not have maggots or found any worms to put on so we had to use sausage pieces…

Jane fishing, Fårö, Gotland, Sweden

She got a 6 meter telescope fishing rod of fiber glass – excellent one really, except for the hook, it was a bit on the small or weak side. We will have to exchange that one later on.

Fishing father daughter, Fårö, Gotland, Sweden

It developed to a contest – who would get the first fish…? Father and daughter competing against each other, both equally eager to win!

Fårö fish catch, Gotland, Sweden

Yes, only one little fish… I am not telling you who caught it…

Anyway: it were thrown back to the swamp because Jane wanted to let it free again. Otherwise it had been cat food – though the farm cats are spoiled with Flounder normally.

It is no true summer holiday without a relaxing fishing moment (without competition?) or what do you say?

Lifecruiser ♥ Holiday Fishing

5 Comments on “Holiday fishing in the swamp”


    In summer holidays, It’s really relaxing moments…But not for cats:)

    claudie said:

    Love family fishing parties! Father and daughter in a contest! We will have one very soon with Pierre and Kalle! Mélissa our youngest daughter love fishing too! I’ll give you their result!


    Aha! A competition between Pierre and Kalle! I’m looking forward to hear who did win… :-) ))

    (Pssst. it were hubby that got the fish, he always are having fishing luck – even as a kid he did get the first fishes)

    Ginnie said:

    Funny thing is, LC, both Astrid and are in the mood to go fishing. :) One of these days we’ll just do it, probably in one of the nearby rivers/canals. :)

    maslakon said:

    I like a little tournament like this. event like this I often do with my family when the holidays. this can increase family harmony.

    nice or not nice tool does not matter, what matters is the togetherness :-)

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