British Columbia is widely known in Canada for it’s colorful arts scene, culture fests and fresh, trendy food scene, rivaling that of Montreal.

As tourists and locals alike visit Sagat-approved restaurants and popular fish and farmer market hot spots, foodies everywhere are shifting their interests out of mainstream eateries and transitioning into more unknown, non-popularized dives that know how to pack the flavor into every morsel they concoct.

If you’re one of these foodies that are looking for a new dining experience without having to wait hours for a table or make reservations weeks in advance, there may be a few hidden eateries in British Columbia ready for you to explore. Enjoy!

RauDZ Regional Table

Located in Kelowna, B.C, just a few hundred miles northeast of Vancouver, RauDZ Regional Table provides its customers more than just a plate of fresh, organic produce, it offers a fresh, new age dining experience. Popular among locals, RRT provides visitors with both a regional and local menu that’s appealing to all customers; and it’s affordable too! If you happen to be in the area, check out their seasonal menu, you’ll love it!

Ferris Oyster Bar and Grill

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, known for its lush scenery, historical landmarks and its growing gastronomy scene. However, within the bustling city lies a hidden treasure that has been attracting people from all over the surrounding metropolitan areas in recent years.

The Ferris Oyster Bar and Grill is known locally as the go-to-place for refreshing cocktails, filling tapas and Spanish-inspired local seafood menu. With both upstairs and downstairs quarters to accommodate all parties, The Ferris Oyster Bar and Grill gives customers a unique, experience, completely redefining the term “bar and grille”.


It’s not easy finding a high-end Chinese restaurant, but if you’re ever in Richmond, B.C., just ask locals where you can find a good one, and certainly enough, they’ll all agree on one name: Hakkasan!

Following new cuisine trends of cage free product and organic produce, Hakkasan offers its customers a modern Chinese dining experience with a splash of contemporary cuisine. Dubbed Richmond’s best Chinese restaurant, Hakkasan will no doubt satisfy your craving for high-end dining and traditional Chinese fare.

La Casa Ouzeria

Located a few miles south of Kelowna in the town of Penticton, B.C., is one of the best Greek eateries east of Arrow Lake. La Casa Ouzeria has received critical acclaim from food writers and chefs in Canada, praising its take on traditional Greek cuisine and its use of local organic produce.

Owned and operated by the Portalakis family since 1973, La Casa Ouzeria continues to exude its rustic charm and serve its customers Greco-inspired dishes that keep people coming back for a plate of their famous pastichio.

The Acorn

If you’re looking a combination of simple, contemporary and flavor, The Acorn in Vancouver may be just what you’ve been looking for. Lauded by its appealing and savory vegetarian menu, The Acorn is known for having a warm and approachable atmosphere that has been attracting foodies in the area for years.

The Acorn is also widely regarded for its use of food art, using dishes as landscapes and food as the subject! If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, The Acorn is ripe for the tasting.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a hardcore foodie, why not try a few of these choices? In fact, try something different. Why not visit food trucks, diners, dives or even order online seafood delivery to satisfy your pescetarian appetite! Whether you live in Vancouver, Victoria or a small town in British Columbia, there’s still a wide variety of local and regional eateries that have yet to be discovered.

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    Looks like a great list of restaurants. I’ve always wanted to go to BC to explore the outdoors and eat some great grub.


    hidden, you mean I can’t find it? kidding! i agree, Ferris Oyster Bar and Grill is one great option for a hungry stomach.

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