Lifecruiser's Valentine Lifekissers

Even though the photo is taken in our trip to Algarve, Portugal, already in 2004, our kisses are as many as back them (hundreds a day) and our love for each other is as strong as back then – if not stronger.

It was also at a Fado event in Monte Gordo, Algarve, that we first did feel exactly how strong our love for each other are. Suddenly it felt like we were alone, the others ceased to exist for us. The air was so loaded with love that no one could NOT have noticed that!

You know, that feeling when your whole throat is filled from your heart with love? I seriously thought that Mr Lifecruiser should propose to me right there. Though that came at another trip… in Paris…

Kissers for life, that’s us. Happy Valentine! XOXO


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8 Comments on “Happy Valentine Life Kissers”

    Kate said:

    Beautiful :) Happy Hearts day to you both and many more kisses to come!

    Fida said:

    I know what you mean!!! Happy Valentine to the two of you! I am in love with people in love ;)

    I wish you a never ending Valentine ;) )

    Maria said:

    Hei hei beuti ! Happy San Valentine to you too !!
    Love its in the air and in your beutifull blog.
    Hug for both


    Ginnie said:

    Astrid just told me this morning about a kiss-a-thon for 24 hours, I think…and you’d get $1000. HA! Wouldn’t that be fun.

    I sure love the falling hearts on this page. How cool is that!


    Oh, we would have loved to participate in that kiss-a-thon!!!!!!

    TorAa said:

    You two are simply the ultimate Valentine couple;-)

    Ozkatt said:

    Aww, that’s so cute. Belated happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

    I now have a new blog, see URL above.

    Ola said:

    Nice to read about such great love!:)

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