The 6th of June has been celebrated as Swedens National Day at Skansen every year since 1893, but in the beginning only as a national flag day.

Lets stand up and sing the Swedish anthem: Du gamla du fria….

…and if you happens to be in Stockholm today, go here to read about what happens in the city today: Nationaldagsfirande 2009.

There is a stage built up with performances of different artists at Skeppsbron down below the Stockholm Royal Castle and they have an open castle today with some special activities.

It’s also from Skeppsbron thousands of blue and yellow (Swedish flag colors) balloons will be sent up in the sky at 1:15 pm.

For youngsters there will be a carnival in Hammarby Sjöstad – and instantly I was totally envious! I love carnivals! *giggles*

Interested in old veteran cars? There will be many of them driving from Sjöhistoriska Museum to Skansen and you’ll be able to see them to 1pm over there.

Another annual festivity that has been going on since the 3rd of June, Smaka på Stockholm – A taste of Stockholm, (where the participating restaurants served more than 190 different dishes in 2008!) is also still going on, so there will be plenty of opportunities to eat and drink.

Yes, there will be a lot of celebrations for sure, not only those mentioned above. The only thing missing is the warmth summer weather, but we have to be grateful that it’s not raining though!

The national day is celebrated at those places in Stockholm: Gamla stan, Hornstull, Farsta, Skärholmen, Akalla By, Hässelby Slott (where I grow up), Farsta Gård, Rålambshovsparken, Skarpnäck, Skansen och Vasaparken.

Read our other posts about the Swedish national day:

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So now you know, if you’re planning a trip to Sweden, the summertime would be the best time to go and why not make it to the 6th of June to celebrate the national day with us?

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11 Comments on “Happy National Day Sweden!”

    Ling said:

    What’s the National Day stand for? I mean, most countries have Independence Day or something like that. My history’s not so good, but I can’t remember Sweden having been part of a colony.


    Happy National Day Captain.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    Mar said:

    Happy National Day, Capt’n. I got nearer you last week as I was at the Baltic Sea :cool:

    claudie said:

    :razz: Now I stay tuned to see how was your National Day!!! You make me very curious!!! what was the taste in Stockho :lol: lm today?!

    Puss in Boots said:

    Happy National Day, LC. It’s Queensland’s (that’s the state where I live in Australia) 150th Birthday this weekend. So there have been celebrations all over the place.


    happy national day!

    Beach Philippines said:

    Happy National Day to you Captain i bit its another long day for you XD

    Gattina said:

    Then happy day ! we will have this on July 21 !
    I am back from Morocco and if you want to have some sunshine and heat, just look on my blogs ! It really was a marvellous trip. The south of Morocco is one of the most beautyful places I have seen. I finished sorting out my photos and as soon as I have time I will prepare a post on my travel blog.
    The food also was delicious, lots of vegetables and very good meat. Only the people are not so friendly, they are not yet used to tourists and don’t smile easily. The Moroccans we have here on my midi market are completely different. So friendly !

    TorAa said:

    I’m very happy that you in Sweden at last have found out the importance of really celebrating your National Day – not just mark it with the blue and yellow flag.
    (I have it in my home office-window – 1/4 Swedish I am, as you know).

    Yesterday I was in Holmsbu – vernissage – and then went into Oslo to Celebrate.
    50 years ago since leaving Public School (age 14) where I grew up.
    Will publish later from that Event.
    And Sunday afternoon: BD Party. Sebastian 8 years. Hurra.

    Erica said:

    Thanks for sharing that video. Beautiful Swedish landscape photos!

    I gave you an award yesterday on my blog


    it’s going to be Philippine Independence Day tomorrow, June 12…national flag day

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