Easter decoration, Photo by Lifecruiser

We’ve already started the Easter celebration at Maundy Thursday, when we had hubby’s daughter Jane over for dinner.

We did keep it very simple this year, just a few Easter decorations at the table.

Easter dinner table, Photo by Lifecruiser

If you look close, you can see a small gift package at the further end of the table. That’s a small Easter gift from us to Jane, instead of a Easter egg filled with candy as it usually is.

What was in it? Kinder Eggs!!!! Yes, we’re silly enough to enjoy them even if we’re grownups.

The traditions are fading away gradually and perhaps one reason are that Swedes generally aren’t that religious any more.

The Easter is more like the beginning of the spring nowadays. Many make their first trip to their summer cottage to dust it off and open it up before the summer season.

We did eat some eggs as starters, but that was all that could be connected with the Easter.

Easter starter, Photo by Lifecruiser

What we ate after that? Pickled Herrings because Jane wished for it and after that Mr Lifecruiser’s Jansson’s Temptation, which we use to eat in Christmas as well.

The big day for Easter celebration in Sweden is how ever today, at the Easter Eve, many have their Easter dinner with the family today.

We’re going for dinner at my brothers place tomorrow.

Happy Easter Holiday my friends!

Lifecruiser Easter

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14 Comments on “Happy Easter Feaster”


    Beautiful! Happy Easter! Now you are making me miss Sweden! ;)

    Maribeth said:

    Oh YUM! I am making roasted lamb, roasted potatoes and fresh asparagus!

    Ling said:

    Happy easter from me also to everyone. Just the thought of your pickled herrings makes my mouth water. :mrgreen:


    What a great meal. Our Easter hasn’t even begun yet on this side of the world! I like the present idea rather than overindulgent candy!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

    RennyBA said:

    What a nice surprise for Jane – and simple is more you know!

    Yea, first of all Easter is the first taste of spring and today we’ve had the most beautiful weather. I’ve just been out shooting some pics of the flowers in our garden – breath taking!

    Glad Påsk and have a great dinner tomorrow :-)

    Claudine said:

    Definitely looks beautiful and yummy! I wish you a wonderful Easter!

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Happy Easter Greetings from me to you…my dear Captain!!!!

    Puss in Boots said:

    Happy Easter to you, Captain Lifecruiser.


    Happy Easter Captain and family!
    I love the surprise in Kinder eggs. :)

    claudie said:

    Miam! If only I could taste that food so well decorated on the table! You make me crazy! :lol: Jane has chance! pierre is at work today and i’m sick still. Tomorrow we all three go at sister’s home and we will have a nice Easter monday with the family. :razz:

    Anders said:

    Oh det looks delish! :grin:
    I had a nice Sunday dinner with the family, was a nice way to spend Easter Sunday! :cool:

    A. said:

    That looks so tasty! And there’s another vote for Kinder eggs from me too. :)

    TorAa said:

    Easter evening is as well the “big” Easter day on the country just west of Sweden.
    Sölvi was here, and we had giant shrimps, champagne etc etc.
    until – well, since it then was vacation and Weekend, my watch was still beside my bed – the Cats kindly asked us to go to sleep.

    We have slept for many hours since then;)))


    Somehow we missed your Easter greeting and found it after checking in to see your planned travels for 2009. Glad to see you and Mr Lifecruiser are still full of giggles! Someday we are going to make Jansson’s Temptation. Sounds delicious!

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