Captain Lifecruiser's birthday wish for Gattina
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Schhh! Since this is Wordless Wednesday I’m only whispering this Happy Birthday and reaching out this birthday gift to one of the A-Team Cruisers: Gattina- for some romantic evenings in your garden ;-)

Try to blow out this candle if you can! *giggles*

…and check out the romantic Paris in the post below!!!!

OR head over to joyn SwordGirl for todays Camping: From the ocean to the mountains!

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11 Comments on “Happy Birthday Whisper Wisher”

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Ohhhhh that is LOVELY! I think a great gift for the gal who has everything! And the kitties will all enjoy gazing into it too! Now… I am off to visit the seaside hill country with Swordgirl! (but I do have to warn that I will NOT be attending the Rolling Stones concert on Friday! I don’t LIKE them!!! … well… maybe I’ll just peek in for a MINUTE during Under My Thumb … but that is ALL!)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    WHAT??!! You are going to let us down on this big event? Hrmmmpppfff….

    You know, you could get some earplugs and still be with us….? *giggles*

    On the other hand, maybe not – because we would have to be so busy stopping you from doing all sorts of pranks or being rowdy… *giggles*

    Butt we LOVE YOU when you do…. *giggles*


    So it’s Gattina’s birthday. I thought maybe it was the turtles. What a nice thing to do for such a nice lady. Have a great WW. :)

    mar SPAIN said:

    Oh, a wonderful bday present for the Cat Lady!
    Will be with you tomorrow as I am heading to bed right now :)
    Beauty sleep is calling my name :D
    Gotta look my best in Monaco tomorrow!

    TorAa said:

    Anna had to stop me: You are not the big bad wolf, she shoutet at me -*giggles* – when I in vain tried to blow out the candle light.

    btw. Thanks to you – I’ve changed the text on my WW – dedicating all the recipes to Gatina. Thanks for reminding me.

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Real quick….I’m not able to be online much these days to visit a whole lot of my friends’ blogs ’til after my operation, but I wanted to make sure that I leave a happy birthday message to Gatttina!!!!

    ambre UNITED STATES said:

    I love this photo. I’ve always love whimsical looking things..Especially depression glass..


    Gattina said:

    Oh geez, what have I done with these turtles, lol ! It wasn’t my birthday it was just funny pictures ! I just had my birthday and am not so keen to get again a year older just after one month! and I have got a lot of birthday wishes yesterday. My day in London was very nice I felt home again !
    I have 13 rules today what you should not say during sex ! Hope that nothing fits on you, hehe !

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Bonjour my Captain
    I will come back to read all about yesterday! I ‘m working on my post now! You will take the train with the cruisers to Monaco this afternoon!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Well, it’s never too late to give birthday wishes, is there? *giggles*

    That sounds really dangerous, your T13! I don’t know if I dare to read that…. Of course I must because I’m so curious…. *giggles*

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Excellent! We’re really excited to come with you Claudie!

    *jumping up and down*

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