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Lifecruiser will celebrate Halloween the 23rd – 31st of October!

♥ All bloggers that dare are welcome!!!!!

Be aware: other ghosts might show up!

1) Tuesday 23 October:

Your oddly ghost Halloween post. Meaning that we all are going to tell about our own oddly ghost Halloween on our own blogs. Comment Lifecruiser post that day so we know where to head for a frightening cyber cruise tour around all haunted blogs!

2) Thursday 25 October:

Share your scare! Tell us in a blog post (old or new) about something scary you’ve been experiencing or have scared others with – not necessary at Halloween, but still a good scare :-) Leave a comment here on Lifecruiser with a link to your post, so we know where to go -
if we dare…

4) Saturday 27 October:

Halloween in Oslo! Two of our Viking A-team Cruisers are getting us to Norway to celebrate with them!

5) Sunday 28 October:

Make a post about your Urban Legends, by request from our A-Team Cruiser Sanni!

6) Tuesday 30 October:

Tell us: How do You Celebrate Halloween? We’ll have a cyber cruise around all haunted blogs once again.

7) Wednesday 31 October:

A spooktacular Halloween Party!!!

Lifecruiser will hold a haunted open house until witching hour – all witches, goblins, ghosts, spiders, spirits, black cats, howling wolves, monster, creeps and other scary creatures are invited!!!

Make sure you post your costumes (faked or real) at your blog, so we can see them – and eventual other things or monsters you’ll bring with you…

We’ll haunt you until you come, so take a cyber flight to our Halloween night fright :-O

Nothing can beat
some trick and treat!

Have any other suggestions or tips?
Send me an email!

Help us spread the word – and I’ll link to you!

Write a post about it and display a button with a link to Lifecruiser in your sidebar:

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Captain Pumpkin Lifecruiser

Don’t miss to go to the Oktoberfest in Munich with Sanni, our Monday cruise stop!

But first, check the Oktoberfest Dictionary!

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Olive tree’s fest in Ollioules (After 6 Oct)
LC Blogwarming Party (Middle October)
Your oddly ghost Halloween post (Tue 23 Oct)
Share your scare! (Thur 25 Oct)
How do You Celebrate Halloween (Tue 30 Oct)
Halloween Party (Wed 31 Oct)
Corfu, Greece
Denmark – Germany
Algarve, Portugal
The East Coast of Scotland
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Fuerteventura, Spain
Miami, US (November)
Panama Canal (November)
Buenos Aires – Argentina (Second half of December)
Foz do Iguazu, Brazil/Paraguay (Second half of December)
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18 Comments on “Halloween Party For All Bloggers”

    thebluestbutterfly UNITED STATES said:

    I am looking foward to this party. :-)

    .: mar SPAIN said:

    It’s pahh-tee time!!!

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Good morning, Captain!

    Glad you liked the warm-up. It was so much fun to write the dictionary (WOO! I wrote a dictionary *LOL*). We´ll all be well prepared when visiting the Bavarian Seppl´s at the Oktoberfest tomorrow ;-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Sounds like its gonna be a scary week. I’ll try to participate the best I can, but then you must hold my hand when I get to scared Captain! *giggle*

    A. FRANCE said:

    Oh, must put my thinking cap on. We have visitors this week, then I’m away in England for another week, so a busy time ahead for me …

    logtar UNITED STATES said:

    Cannot believe I have not heard about this before, but seriously thinking about participating :)

    Mark UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Captain I have finally got some proper ones…they are on my last post.

    Cheers Bongo

    TorAamusic said:

    wwwoohh- Renny knows better. I say no more.

    PS. Sorry, I’m so timid concerning Amsterdam. Took 3 hours to upload just a part of it. Butt, It’s different from Amsterdam


    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    A very good idea I like it ! Especially because we don’t celebrate Haloween here or just a very little. With all the Americans and Britts living in Waterloo Belgians are getting used slowly slowly to it and the city even organizes a Halloween party in the park. I hope that this year I will be able to decorate my blog as I know a little more about html etc then last year. That was very frustrating for me !

    Happy to read that you liked my Garda Lake reportage !
    BTW at what time does it get dark now in Sweden ? Here it is around 7.15 and I am curious when it’s getting dark in the north !

    Watch Prison Break Online ROMANIA said:

    For Halloween it’s gonna be a great party, never tried a police officer costume … and i don’t wanna get a ticket for that on the Halloween fest’, u guys what do u think of it ? Is it worth trying ? :) … Anyway i will still try it, ether if i get a ticket or not, i’ll tell you later ! :)

    libertybelle DENMARK said:

    What a fabulous idea Captain Life Cruiser!
    Especially since we don’t have Halloween here
    in the North! *S* Looking forward to all you do!
    Great job on your blogsite here – love the graphics!
    Ha’ det bra!

    kailani UNITED STATES said:

    This is one cool event! I’m not sure I’m brave enough, though. I’m such a scaredy cat! LOL!

    lazaza83 » Olive tree’s fest in Ollioules said:

    [...] miss Lifecruiser Halloween Party the 23 rd-31st of [...]

    Vjai INDIA said:

    hey.. i have heard abt halloween but havent celebrated it cos we dont have it down here in india… So, can u all just update me when u post on halloween cos atleast i would get to know more abt halloween..

    SandyCarlson said:

    I’ll join this party! This is the highest of our holy days!

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Strange Attractions: Walls in Color

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Hey: You aught to update the calendar for the party with Tor and me in Oslo tomorrow!!! *giggles*

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Autumn Glory in the Adirondacks

    Norwegians just don’t get Halloween said:

    [...] along and play (picking the best part of the tradition) you know. So let’s go on along with Lifecruiser’s Halloween Party for bloggers! This weekend I’ve been invited to my great colleague and blog friend Tor and [...]

    scart UNITED STATES said:

    hello there, Renny invited me to join this event and I have an entry about this. Hope you could check it. This would be a great halloween party.

    scart’s last blog post..The Fairies and The Healer

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