As we already have fall feelings over here, I got to think about Halloween. It’s approaching fast.

Remember last years Cyber Halloween Party we had? We had so much fun making the Vomit Soup with Eyeballs, the rest of preparations and the whole party!

I’m note sure that we can repeat that success. Should we?

I have a dream about having a gigantic Halloween party in real life some day and you would all be invited of course!

I thought that I’d have some fun looking up Halloween costumes now already. I got totally stuck for hours looking and laughing at all those creative and crazy costumes.

Halloween costumes party dollHalloween costumes lost dog
Imagine peoples reactions if I would come dressed up like that in other occasions than a Halloween Party. Yes, you know me by now, I could actually do such a crazy thing just for the fun of it! *giggles*

Halloween costumes butcher chefHalloween Costumes Werewolf
I’d love to get out in the city at night in these costumes! Though the left one almost looks like a normal day in our kitchen at dinnertime… *giggles*

Halloween costumes plug inHalloween Costumes Vampire on the neck
Left costume: “What?! He got to have TWO pins???! ….”
Right costume: “Oh, no, now I got her on my back…” *giggles*

Halloween costumes walking toiletHalloween costumes poo accident
…and then the perfect crazy choices for us with a very shitty humor, like aka’Raquel and me!

I did find some costumes that I could use as ordinary party dresses:

Halloween costumes pirate girlHalloween Costumes Martini Olive dress

Hey, you don’t have more fun than you’re making it, as my beloved Mom always said!

Halloween costumes Twister girlHalloween Costumes Hippie dress

…and of course, if I had a dog, I’d definitely dress us up like this. Heck, I’d even consider to borrow or rent someones Buller since I just love their sweet-ugly faces:

Halloween costumes prison girlHalloween Pet Costumes prisoner

I also saw that they have a lot of Venetian masks, which I would seriously consider to order if I were going to plan a trip to the annual Carnival with 18th century costumes in Venice.

It’s on my wish list. To attend different events and costume balls there is very, very expensive though.

For some minutes there, I was very tempted to dress up in some of those for the fabulous 3×20 birthday party in Norway that we’re going to this weekend, but no, TorAa, for once we’ll behave and be very presentable at Anna’s big day :-)

We’ll be away 18-23 September, but stay tuned because we may blog about the party!

Which Halloween costumes would YOU choose for my Halloween Party?

Lifecruiser Halloween

17 Comments on “Halloween costumes ideas for a future party”


    I like the pirate one. Love it to pieces. That’s my choice. Have a great day. :)

    Tech Blog said:

    Although its scary, but i wanna be the werewolf or the scary skull face….Good collection for girls outfit, I must say….. :smile:

    Tech Blogs last blog post..10 Awesome Twitter Tools as WordPress Plugins

    claudie said:

    :cool: A new halloween this year!!!! Yessssssssss! i am of the party! Can’t wait to see you all very soon for the 3×20 birthday!
    Love the venitian masks!

    claudies last blog post..European Heritage Days

    TorAa said:

    You said it,
    last years cyber halloween was a blast. Real fun it was.
    Most of the costumes are still intact – Seb had to play with some afterwards.

    But now we are warned – I mean what you will wear on Saturday, Sept 20. At the 3×20 celeb.LOL.

    btw. We are so looking forward to see the both of you again.
    Sunshine is ordered. Hope they will accept my Weather Bank Visa.

    TorAas last blog post..Wordless Wednesday – and Anna is 3×20 on Saturday – who will arrive in time?


    Didn’t realize halloween is around the corner. We didn’t celebrate much of it in here

    Ling said:

    Pirate costume does look neat. All she needs is a smoking postol and we’re goof to go. :)

    Mar said:

    I love the Martini dress!!! although I prefer giggle water, lol.
    Have a nice trip and fun, fun, fun at Anna’s 3×20 bday party!!
    I’d love to hear all about it :wink:

    Mars last blog post..a different white flower

    Christy said:

    Oooo…such a beautiful blog, I love it!!:D
    Halloween is always such an interesting festival with all these costume parties and tricks or treats:) I am still thinking on which costume I’d suggest for you:)
    Nice to meet you!!~

    Christys last blog post..Sleepless night and a FULL moon

    akaracquel said:

    Gross splatter bum. LOL – i wonder if it comes with corny sound effects included. Enjoyed the appropriation of the pirate theme in that kinky number :D

    banquet manager said:

    I like the girl in the box.
    So You Want To Be a Banquet Manager

    banquet managers last blog post..The Rudest Wedding Guest Remarks Ever


    I really like the switch combination….its kool..The cute gal and guy combo is making it look better…. :)

    PSD RockStars last blog post..How to make some parts colored with rest in Black & White

    DianeCA said:

    I love the lost dog lady that is hysterical. But I would want something more exotic, I have always wanted to do a belly dancer costume…think I have to work on my tummy first though…but since its a virtual party, then I am virtually skinny!!!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Happy Anna Day!!

    RennyBA said:

    I so much remember our last year party – what a blast!

    But before that and very soon I can give you more than just a cybernate hug. If I dress like that dog in the last picture – will you please surprise me with the matching outfit at Anna’s party tomorrow !?!?!?!?!?!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Milan Plaza Duomo and Galleria in Italy

    Sanni said:

    I absolutely LOVE that “Lost Dog” costume – and since I didn’t already loose all the pounds I gained during pregnancy I would not make a sexy “Pretty Polly” *g*… so I’ll be the fat “Lost Dog” lady :lol:

    I’m back from my vacation and came up with a little something:

    I’d love to see you being the Swedish part in my first own MEME ;-)

    Sannis last blog post..Doodle Week: Lust

    Cecil Lee said:

    Wooo, Haloween…..
    I would love to see a buller knocking on my door and ask me for a treat! :mrgreen:

    Irvin Ryan said:

    The lady in the pirate suit is hot…. ^_^ I would love to see a Mermaid in a halloween party… how to walk around will surely be a challenge….

    Irvin Ryans last blog post..Top 5 Pinoy Internet Superstars

    Gattina said:

    Thanks to Hootin Anni who is contagious, I did my Halloween decoration already a week ago you can see it here I found a lot of costumes last year, but haven’t looked yet this year. I’ll probably do a little Halloween party with my friends !

    Gattinas last blog post..

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