Lifecruiser at the hairdresser
© Mrs Lifecruiser at the hairdresser (1 Feb 2007)

Post subjects: 1) My hairdresser and haircut. 2) My going bald problem 3) Generally about hairstyling.

My hairdresser and haircut

I went to the hairdresser this last thursday to have a haircut of my hair loss’ed head for the first time for 1 year and 9 months… It was like going to the Fear Factory I tell you! Phew. Would it be any hair left afterwards? I was biting my nails.

It was to a new hairdresser for me too, but it turned out to be a great hairdresser, totally on my own line to keep as much of my hair as possible. She is only using products that are very mild and she has a great education and special knowledge about hair loss or other problems.

When writing this post, looking up her website, I suddenly discover that she was participating in the Swedish TV Expedition Robinson (Survivor) in 2002 & 2003. I had no idea of that since I hardly watch TV and have a really bad memory, but I thought that she looked vague familiar :-)

Luckily for her she didn’t have to answer any more questions about it from me… It must be very tiring after a while to always be asked the same questions.

Have you noticed too that there is so much to talk about at the hairdresser? *lol* My hairdresser had recently been to Brazil, so we had to compare our experiences from there, since we were there last year in December.

Now, why would this be like going to the Fear Factory? Well, not only for the haircut in itself, but for sitting in the chairs. Phew. With my back it’s like torture instruments.

The chair at the wash is always the worst one. Either they feels like they’re breaking my neck or my back.

This one was surprisingly comfy for the neck, but totally wrong for the back. I’ve never been to any hairdresser that has totally comfortable chairs, have you?

So what did we do with my hair then?

1) An intensive cure for about 25 minutes. I don’t know what product she used here, but my hair went really really soft though.

2) Without me saying anything she suggested to cut off about 10 cm (3.93 inches) of my hair which was exactly what I myself had in mind, because that was the worned out part of it. So she did cut it off and also a bit of my side bangs.

3) She suggested to dye it in with some kind of special mild dye like Gold something, since I’ve became more dark haired since I lost all my hair in the first layer of my head. And maybe because she thought it would make me looking younger since it even would dye my silver hairs I’ve got a lot of in my bangs? *lol*

I didn’t find it necessary, but what the heck, why don’t try something new?

Though I can say now afterwards that I prefer my own hair color anyway, even if it’s a bit dark and silver combined. It looks more natural. I’m not quite satiesfied with this “goldy look” that I almost find is having a hardly noticed nuance of blonde-red, you know very light? Especially where my silver bangs have been earlier.

Conclusion: Now I know, I’ve tried. No more gold dye for me :-) I want my silver hair back! (Reminded me about the silverback gorilla somewhow ;-)

Mr L tried to take photos of my hair color, but it was very difficult to catch it on photo I tell you! Either it’s to much gold or it turns brown, it doesn’t show the right color with that light red in it. And especially the bangs which were silver before.

Mrs Lifecruiser after the haircut
© Mrs Lifecruiser after the haircut & 1 hair wash

Maybe I should call myself Goldilock instead of Baldie Hawn from now on ;-)

…and what’s the matter with me? Why do I show this photo to you, where I’ve used all my tricks to fluff up my hair and it’s newly washed, fresh looking, instead of showing it what it’s really looking when it’s not so fresh? This vanity… *sigh*

My going bald problem

Besides Brazil we talked about hair loss too of course. She confirmed what I think about the subject myself: there is something wrong with you if you have the kind of hair loss that I have and it should be fully investigated. She have had customers with very unusual problems discovered after peristent care seeking.

I must keep on trying to find a doctor that is willing to check me up carefully, to not give up!!!

This is what my hair looked like before the hair loss. It may be hard to tell from these photos, but I’m not exaggerating, I’ve lost about 50-60% of my hair!

The most of it came out in a period of a couple of months and I was terrified that I was going bald. You might think that I should be satiesfied with what I’ve got left, but for me that’s used to have all that hair, this is a big catastroph. I identify myself with my hair.

She also gave me a lot of advices concerning my hair type, what kind of products to use on my special type of hair and that I should use products giving moist rather than protein. Appearently I have rather hard hairs that needs more moist and too much protein can block the hair roots and therefor block the hair growing too I presume. (I hope I got that right!)

I bought the following HÃ¥rologi’s products:

- E.F.A.-Shampoo+
Activates your hair scalp with essential fatty acids and B-vitamines komplex that is counteracting dry hair scalp and skin. Dry, sheenless and brittle hair regain it’s luster.

- Hair Balsam+
Concentrated instant hair rinse with wheat bran and Panthenol. Untangles hair, has an anti-static, moisturising and glossy effect.

- Leave On
Conditioner and cure with provitamine B5 & jojoba oil which is not to be rinsed out and is supposed to give formability, protection and luster.

She did fill up one of them, I think it was the shampoo, with some extra stuff that would fit my hair well and told me that if I don’t think they’re working well, to come back with them and exchange them to another product. She’ll do that even if I’ve used it, it doesn’t matter because she can always use the rest in the hair saloon.

These products seems to be of good quality (more concentrated?) so even if they are much more expensive than the ones I use to buy, it will last longer – so in the end it will probably be a bit cheaper than I thought at first. Still expensive, but maybe worth it?

I’ve only washed my hair once with them, but I like them very much so far. I noticed difference from the normal products I’ve used. But the hairdressers products is always better than the grocery stores… I’m pleased with the fact that the Leave on conditioner is in a small packaging, I’ll appreciate that when out travelling instead of my big mousse bottles :-)

She also prescribed a special treatment simply called Hair Nutrition from HÃ¥rologi, pills with composition of essential nutritions for the hair including 30 vitamines and minerals – even the recommended daily dose of iron which is excellent for me with the lack of iron I have.

The other ones I bought at the Health products store earlier called Arcon-Tisane hair vitamines capsules includes vitamines and fenugreek which is said to be very rich of iron. It didn’t give me that much noticable effect though. Yes, my nails grew, but no big difference on the hair. Let’s see what this ones can do instead!

I suppose I should try to get hold of fenugreek as a spice since it’s so full of iron (more than anything else!) and put it as much as possible on my food?

Normally, I’m very suspicious of health care products, but I’ll guess I won’t know until I’ve tried huh?

So I started the same day with the Hair Nutrition pills. At least they are much more easy to swallow – an important factor that too! The other ones were so big that they felt like they got stucked there and hurted my throat. They were like Easter eggs – black ones…

I’ll report after the cure, which will be about 1-3 months. Normally when her customer comes into a phase of hair loss (which everybody does from time to time) it’s enough to take the cure for 1 month. Though she thought I might be needed up to 3 month since I’ve had such an extensive hair loss.

So we can say for sure now that I’ve invested heavily in my hair huh? *lol*

Generally about hairstyling

Yes, I know, you may have wanted to see me doing a major haircut, but the truth with me is that I just LOVE long hair. I can’t help it. I hate short hair on a woman. You may look great in it, but I’d still want even you to have long hair. Yes, I’m weird.

It doesn’t matter that you have a long list of arguments of why it’s so much better with short hair, more practical, shorter time to wash and so on. I’d still want long hair. I’m not only weird, I’m stubborn too ;-)

You can show me different hairstyles and I can think that it’s looking good. I can appreciate it – as long it’s on you and not me – but never fully love it. Sorry.

And I’m not buying the argument that it should be so much easier to take care of if it were shorter. If it’s shorter you have to keep going to the hairdresser and have a haircut much more often than I need for my long hair. I don’t form any hairstyle either, keeping it natural style. It’s so easy to maintain.

Half-down the shoulders is a good length too, but shorter? Rather not. If you got a distinct hairstyle like that, you have to be really good at keeping it like the way the hairdresser did it and I’m not capable of that.

My hair would look even more awful than now… *shivering of fear*

Many years ago it was trendy to have very short hair here in Sweden. Every female had short hair, no matter what the age was. Needless to say: I didn’t like that.

So I’ve been very happy the last couple of years when the hairstyle fashion trend has been to have long hair again!


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9 Comments on “Hairstyling Top(p)ics”

    Debbie said:

    She does sound like she knew what she was talking about! So that is good! And I like the color she put on your hair but that is just me!

    When I went two weeks ago I chose a good salon and really like the girl I got. She discussed my face shape and easy care for my growing long hair! She suggested to not let it grow past my shoulders which is just fine with me! So I go back in March for a trim and shape up. I am thinking of color since my gray is only around my face and not nicely all over! But she suggested going with light tones to hide the gray but remove the dark color I have to help me look a bit younger!

    I am glad you went sorry you got tortured and hope you are mostly happy! I will keep my prayers up for your treatment and that it helps your hair to grow!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie. So, actually you want what I got :-) Of course I’m mostly happy about it. It went as good as it could to be exact.

    Chana CANADA said:

    hello friend. miss visiting you. so happy to be able to stop by.

    one of my daily companions for over 10 yrs is ‘Prednisone’…for most, that med, makes people grow hair..most complaint of it but not I. instead for me it means, that i have loss tons, and tons of hair. of course i cannot blame it all on the med for my other health issues have something to do with it but it is a good chunck responsible….for me, to grow nails and hair it is hair used to be the opposite of now..and like you, i have had to get used to new things and new is still a long journey and for this post i thank you for you have given me much to ponder about. the shared info has helped me much and i will come back to re read. how kind of you to help so many….again.

    and you look beautiful to are stunning and not jut in the outside but in the heart. thank you for your words, they encourage me and comfort me and there is no words to tell you how much they mean to me and how much they have done for me.

    i love you a ton. and i’m so sad to hear about your pain. your back is beautiful but it gives you so much pain and i’m sorry hon. you are strong and brave and someone i can look up to show me the way in how to live life regardless of the hoops in the road.


    until soon….

    Lifecruiser: Thanks buddy :-) I’m just so glad that you’re back again Chana and you know you’re always heartly welcomed over here at any time with anything you have to say. I’m also very happy if my information can help any bit at all. I admire your strength to be so positive as you are. You’re such a fantastic woman! ((Hugs))

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    I’m supposed to go and get my hair done on Tuesday, but I think I will postpone it for a week because of my knee.
    I’m growing mine out, and would be so happy if my hair looked as pretty as yours does!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for that nice compliment :-) And good luck with your haircut then. I hope your knee is better. I’ll pop over to check you up :-)

    happy and blue 2 said:

    Glad you found a good hairdresser. Hope the new products work for you..

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad to see that you’re back now! Thanks, I hope that too :-)

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    He-he, I’m only a man that cuts his hair twice a year. I ask for short and classic please – courte et classique. Works everywhere. Then it grows to I feel uncomfortable. But I hate lifts with mirrot in the ceiling. Looks like a mountain with some long, thin bushes on. So then, I looks at my shoes. And think they should need a little shine up.

    For me your new hairstyle, can’t judge it fair as you said the real colours are different, looks great. Maybe it makes you feel too young? I don’t know.

    Long hair. Women with thin dry or fat hair should avoid it. Men too. If you can’t curl it or wave it or keep the “facon”, cut it. That’s my modest opinion. But I’m only a man. Lighthaired, whitegrey, but the sun makes it light yellow.

    My hairdresser is, by the way, a kurdish popsinger. How about that. He has tournements around Norway, Sweden and Germany a. o. He gave me a Christmasgift, a hairstyler spray I only dare to use outdoor….

    PS. I do expect you change to green hair during the Spring. LoL.


    PS. Have a piece of 85-99 % Dark chocolate every day. 400 times more antihistamines than in Blueberries.

    Lifecruiser: Love that fact of the kurdish popsingers hairstyler spray, very interesting… *lol* And green for the spring – ha ha! Very funny….

    thanks for the chocolate tip!

    Irish Church Lady CANADA said:

    Your new cut and treatment and colour looks great!!

    Glad your experience was a positive one!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks ICL :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    What a waterfall about hair ! You know there is nothing to do, sad to say, but it’s so. You can put whatever you want on your hair it wouldn’t help. The problem is inside. I had a lot of hairs too and lost certainly more than half of them during the years of PMS ! I had no other troubles besides hair loss. It was awful I also thought I would become bald. I have pictures of me as if I had 3 hairs on my head ! Finally my gyneco prescribed me hormons for that and at least it stopped the hair loss . A few grew back but never as before and I HAVE to wear short hair, I have no choice. Otherwise the few left overs would hang around flat and greasy like an old mop and showing some small spots of a bald head ! With this haircut I am happy, it cheats on my real hair look, and looks like if I had a lot of hairs. My little Italian hairdresser does wonders with her haircut, because it’s really a challenge to get thin babyhair into a nice cut ! Ask your gyneco, if you haven’t done it yet !
    And never say “at my time” again ! As you did on Elvis on my blog ! What does that mean your time ? You are still here and not yet laying in the graveyard looking at daisy roots as far as I know, so your time is still going on. ONLY old people are talking like that, nah !

    Lifecruiser: Are you completely sure? It helps to get the hair shiny and elastic at least (I can notice the difference you know) AND the pills can help – IF that is the problem, having lack of any vitamins, minerals or iron. But it takes time and for new hair to grow out again, you have to be patient, because it takes 6-12 months (!) according to the doctor’s.
    I noticed when I tried to eat my prescribed iron pills earlier, that they did have effect on my hair loss, but they sadly enough even made my bowels and gut crazy, so I couldn’t go on with them. It isn’t always easy to choose between pest and cholera…. *lol*
    My gyn. didn’t make that connection at all with menopause and the hair loss actually. Now, we’ll meet again 7 March, so we’ll see what she have to add to all this then.
    About that other matter: I was referring to my YOUTH, now I’m old and wise and living a much better life :-) )))

    sexy mom PHILIPPINES said:

    i have 3 girls, aged 13, 15 and 23, who have been grappling with hair loss. with the 15-year old, it is understandable because she had toxic goiter, she got clean just 3 months ago. i’ll see if the harlogi brand is available here in manila. i guess i will have to research some more.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, poor ones, it’s really difficult and in their age too! I hope you find something that helps them out!!!

    aka R'acquel said:

    I agree with those basins to wash your hair – it’s always been very painful and bad on my neck in the past, have never found a comfortable one. [ouch!]

    Congratulations on finding a great hairdresser. Yesterday, i learnt this is as good as finding a great doctor. Fingers crossed that this is the beginning of a really good year ahead of you for this year.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, let’s hope that .-)

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