Lifecruiser Sunday rest
♥ Green Thumb Sunday ♥

We managed to take a road trip yesterday after all, I’ll write more about it later. The photo is not from that trip. This is a Scottish horse, not that it’s any difference from Swedish horses – no bagpipe under the arm ;-)

It was on pure stubbornness I managed yesterday. Today I need to have some Sunday rest, but we’re going to my brother Roland (we call him Rolle) for dinner. He and his family is very easy going thankfully.

Though I almost wish I could stay in bed instead… But we’ve been talking about this dinner for such a long time now and always something comes in between, so now we’re determent to make it happen. *giggles*

Do I dare to mention that I also got toothache on top of everything else in the post below? And no whiskey to hush it with? *giggles*

One of my newest porcelain crowns is cracked. Bad dentist I call it. Too thin porcelain – just enough to make it over the guarantee time. It’s expensive to make porcelain crowns and now I have to pay for it once more.

I don’ go to the same dentist any more as you understand. I already have an appointment with a another dentist on Tuesday, for examination and tarr only. I hope that I can get another appointment fast for the cracked tooth.

So, do you agree with me that I need a Sunday rest? *giggles*


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Captain NeedaRest Lifecruiser

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12 Comments on “Green Sunday Rest”

    ruth said:

    You are truly an inspiration with all you “giggles” despite the problems. Loved your “curvy” swan btw.

    Maribeth said:

    Yes, get a new dentist. Oh how I hate to go. But I have such bad teeth, the only way to keep them is to go every six months. So I do. But I think I have more crowns now than the Queen of England!

    Kasia said:

    Sunday rest is what everybody needs, but especially you! You work so hard on this blog! I admire you – I am not that hardworking. Great posts, great photos! :)
    The white horse looks more like a unicorn.

    A. said:

    Have a lovely day off, and let’s hope you feel much better for it.

    Gattina said:

    Geez and now the tooth on top of all the other troubles you have, it’s really bewitched ! I only hope you didn’t loose your appetite and are still the hungry monster you used to be !!
    Our son came was here this weekend and just left I got the impression as if I just survived a hurrican !

    Bongo said:

    Hi Captain, that picture is one of your best, I love it, that would make a great framed print.

    Are you slowly falling apart or are you going to become the new 6 million dollar woman???

    Hope you get sorted as we need you to be swinging from the rigging.

    Cheers Bongo

    mar said:

    Oh, captain, toothache really stinks!! Thanks so much for the bday wishes and the linky :)
    I guess we’ll have to use some Dome instead of whiskey! (it tastes much better anyways!!)

    claudie said:

    Many people are ill here too! A bad virus! My daughter Anaïs begins now with it too! Hope she will be able to go at school tomorrow!! And me I just begin to go better now but I had to resist all the last week! I’ll post my report about Ollioules olive tree fest next monday, the 15 th october, because friday, the Academy Inspector comes at school so it means a lot of papers for my class to write! Hope tomorrow you will have a super rest and feel better.

    RennyBA said:

    Beautiful horse picture – but I though two white to be Swedish ?!

    ‘no whiskey to hush it with’: Have Tor and Anna been visiting you again ?

    Hope you had a great dinner at Rolle’s!

    Wish you a better week ahead :-)

    thebluestubutterfly said:

    The horse reminds me of a unicorn.

    Gina said:

    I was in Särna at the stuga and am sorry to hear about the dentist! I have the same problem with 3 teeth that I had implanted and the veneer keeps cracking! (javla skit…):)
    I do have a little Flaggpunsch or Famous Grouse on hand ( JUST for medicinal purposes!!!)LOL!

    Gina said:

    That was not my meaning to write what I was feeling about the dentist! I appologise!

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