Bread Wheat
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The photos in this post is taken where? At the secret island!

Oh, how I love to tease you like this! *giggles*

Bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) is belonging to the family of grass species – not only very useful for giving us our daily bread, butt also very, very beautiful in my eyes.

I really feel joy in my heart and soul when out on the Swedish roads and see the good old Swedish countryside with all it’s cultivation. It’s like balsam for the soul!

Meet one of the secret islands more shy natives:

Swedish red old barn

Maybe it’s just by heritage and old memories coming up when I see the Swedish countryside, butt I really think that it’s very beautiful, picturesque and unique – especially with all those Falu red buildings we have had.

Swedish red old barn

In the 17th century in Sweden, the red paint was a sign of wealth since bricks were very rare back then. It’s named from a small neighborhood called Falun, “Falu rödfärg (redpaint)” and is based on a pigment which is a by-product from the Copper minings there.

Swedish red old cottage

We just love to take photos of EVERYTHING in the nature, because all of it really is mother natures wonders.

Here we have…. What???!!! A peeping Tom…? *giggles*

Mr Lifecruiser spotting something

I bet you didn’t think that about Mr Lifecruiser hah? Me neither! At first I thought it was these kissers he was peeping at:

Lifecruisers sheep kisses

Nothing that exciting to see though ;-) He was taking a shot of this useful berry:

Swedish Sloe

The Sloe (Prunus spinosa or blackthorn) is often picked by us Swedes after the first frost has arrived, to make a very tasty Sloe liqueur of them. Then the bitter taste of them don’t come through that much.

You gotta try it! Cheers my dears!

Look at my own style – looks like I’m going to do #2! *ROFLMAO*

Mrs Lifecruiser spotting something

Butt I have to tell you – it’s no dance on Roses to be an explorer with my back! *giggles*

By now even the island natives are screaming at us:

- Skip that bullshit and show us proof of that we’re at the secret island!!!

Sheep talk

Oh, stop whining, we’re getting closer! This is one small part of the shoreline which were not crowded with tourists trying to find the genuine….

Ooops! I nearly revealed the secret there…. *giggles*

Sheep talk

So, what do you say now? Do you believe that it exists?

Captain Native Lifecruiser

17 Comments on “Green land on the secret island”

    Kasia said:

    Wow! I do believe this place exists but it still looks like photoshop! :) )) This place looks to virgin to be real, is real.
    I love places like this. They make you calm and free …they make you feel alive and feel united with Mother Nature. Peace and Harmony!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    This isle exists! It can’t be other! Thanks for this nice trip! A quiet time, in a wonderful place, admiring the red paint houses, meeting the sheeps , tasting sloe liqueur! I can even smell the fresh marine air just admiring the last photo! Vitamines before the work tomorrow! You should have a look on this post:
    A very nice trip in France!

    TopVeg said:

    Wonderful photos – I would like to find this island- & would like to join you there!

    Moe UNITED STATES said:

    Tjena! Beautiful pictures and wonderful “stories” with each. :)

    Claire UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Lovely shots, i haven’t a clue where it is?

    Thanks for your visit and comment :)

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Yes, of course it exists! Even if it is just in my mind!

    Sueblimely AUSTRALIA said:

    All I will reveal is that I know it exists but I will not say where. Your secret is safe with me. How could I forget that beach, gentle moonlight playing on the water, my first kiss. I had met him on the boat over from England to Gotenborg the start of my first overseas adventure at age 15. Fate brought us together again aweek later through mutual friends. An amazing coincidence. Ahhh what memories.

    Sara UNITED KINGDOM said:

    These are all lovely photographs. Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Sara from farmingfriends

    TorAa said:

    There is no such things like a secret Island. Only secret love. Do you here me? You are in love with that Island.

    Besides: Red. That was considered a colour for the wealthy, ’cause what you wrote, the pigments from Copper.

    I’m going to sleep. Once again took me hours to post a short one.

    Have a better week

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Nope! Not believing a thing! It looks NOT like an island to me — I have just such a little inlet down at the very end of my street – and it’s on the river. I don’t live on an island though… I DO live on a peninsula!

    I love the wheat! It’s gorgeous! We NEVER see wheat grown around here — sometimes just winter wheat as a cover crop – but not bread wheat! You’re going to hurt yourself taking pictures though! I never realized it was such a dangerous sport!

    Drew UNITED STATES said:

    Some great photos. They were all very nice. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    AL NORWAY said:

    Beautiful photos!!!!
    It looks like one of those farms in West Norway. :) But I could never really guess where this is.

    mar SPAIN said:

    It’s beautiful! I don’t care if it’s real or fake, just take me along!

    Caledonia said:

    LOL! That’s a very professional photography pose you’ve got going there!

    Mark UNITED KINGDOM said:

    Hi Captain,

    Those are a beautiful set of photos,well the first one are anyway, I am a bit concerned about your back though, what will it be like after your visit, especially if they have chandeliers in the rooms.Hope Mr Lifecruiser has brought his bongos incase you are incapasitated….

    Cheers Mark

    Sword Girl UNITED STATES said:

    Talking about a frost and the sloes is making me crave some cold weather. It has been too hot lately. I just crave some cozy weather. How nice! I believe it looks like an island.

    Sword Girl » Boats on Monday UNITED STATES said:

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