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♥ Green Thumb Sunday ♥

Another horse in Scotland, giving us the true green f(r)ee feeling. There is nothing more peaceful and freedom feeling than a horse in a green meadow…

And I must say that it looks very inviting, considering that we’ve had a little snow here. It’s not much enough to cover the whole ground and it won’t last, but still. Snow. I don’t want it.

Luckily we’ve just shifted to winter tires. Our car has got a thin layer of snow on it and we noticed a moment ago that the locks are so frozen that the key didn’t go in, so we’ll see if we managed to get into the car during the day!

The only time I can admit that it’s nice with some snow, is around xmas, then it can go away… *giggles*

We had in mind that we would go away both in the autumn and for the xmas this year, somewhere warmer where Miss. Ass. Lifecruiser had moved, but it seems like that plan has gone down the drain unfortunately.

Both myself and my best friend Miss Ass. Lifecruiser has been sick. She is more seriously ill than me, so she hasn’t been able to move from Sweden yet like she had planned to. She has come to a better hospital this time, so hopefully she’ll get cured soon.

We’re having a Sunday rest over here, we’ve been up too late lately. I passed out rather early at the Friday’s Ship Launch Party since we hadn’t have any sleep at all the night before…

Captain GreenFree Lifecruiser

15 Comments on “Green F(r)ee”

    Mark said:

    Hi Captain,
    Make sure you dont go out in those cowboy boots with the snow, otherwise you will go ar*e over t*t.

    Cheers Mark

    Mark’s last blog post..Grocery Store Wars

    TorAa said:

    Running Horses over green meadows – beautiful sight. A dream compared with snowy roads and iceblocked locks. Hope you’ll be able to open it during the day.

    I can’t imagine all sickness and set-backs that have hitten you guys. Cross my fingers for a soon recovery.

    btw. Green Sunday – did not think about that meme when posting from the Japanese Garden here during the night.

    TorAa’s last blog post..Newsflash from SOBE (Miami Beach)

    marcia v said:

    They are so strong and beautiful I get teary eyed just watching horses

    marcia v’s last blog post..Photo hunters Flexible

    kml said:

    I agree about the snow – after Christmas if it all disappeared it would be great! Beautiful image of the horse in the field!

    kml’s last blog post..Green Thumb Sunday – Variegated Hosta

    ONwebCHECK said:

    nice site here :-) so warm… I like it. Have a nice sunday.

    Sara said:

    Hi captain, This is a beautiful hosre and photograph. i love your nature shots. sara from farmingfriends

    Sara’s last blog post..Week Old Piglets

    Aiyana said:

    I agree with you about horses in meadows, so wild and free. Happy GTS,

    Aiyana’s last blog post..Chuparosa ~ Green Thumb Sunday

    A. said:

    Lovely peaceful and calming photo. I love it.

    I must admit I can manage nicely without snow unless all I have to do is look at it. In both the UK and the part of France where we spend much of our time, everything seems to come to a halt with snow.

    I’m sorry to hear about your continuing problems with illness. We’re having similar problems in our family. Let’s hope we all get over it soon.

    A.’s last blog post..Remember

    Caledonia said:

    Hope you all get out of the sick bay soon!

    Caledonia’s last blog post..Lest We Forget

    .: mar said:

    That’s a beautiful picture…
    Just hope you all feel better soon. I was just thinking we could have all met down in Seville next weekend. I will be there partying :)

    .: mar’s last blog post..photo hunt: flexible

    Gina said:

    I am amazed at the display! The baby had emergency surgery or of COURSE I would have been ship shape! You SO rock and thanks for thinking of us at this difficult time!

    Gina’s last blog post..Best laid plans gone ire…

    RennyBA said:

    Wonderful picture: looks nice, green and peaceful!

    Funny you mention snow (you know I actually envy you as we just had half inch this morning and now it has melted) and winter tiers (I changed on my car today). I’ll post about it later this week I guess.

    So sorry to hear that Miss. Ass. Lifecruiser also is sick. You really have had a hard time lately and you know I want you soon to feel better and that i wanted to be there for you and give you some nice massage for your back.

    If you have the time, I will like to invite you to celebrate my second blog year Anniversary and that goes for all the other A-Team Cruisers too of course. You’ll find some surprises and if your lucky, you can have a Norwegian Troll sent directly to your home :oops:

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    Not participating, but wanted to comment. You have been awarded The Colors of Friendship award. Details at my place. Have a great day. :)

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    Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog) said:

    I think horses are the most beautiful animal on earth. They have a certain grace about them that I just can’t help like them so much :)

    Cindy (The 15 Minute Dating Blog)’s last blog post..Do most women prefer to date their own race?

    Kuanyin said:

    So sorry to hear that she’s been sick too! Tell her I empathize and to get well soon! Beautiful photo!

    Kuanyin’s last blog post..The Maui Family

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