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It’s possible that we already for about thousands of years ago had some kind of cultivated gardening in our country. When the Christianity came here, the vegetable cultivating increased too.

It was from Europe the monks came with a lot of the now cultivated kitchen plants. From the monestaries the knowledge were spread about the vegetable cultivation to the common people.

Later on forreign gardeners were invited which had the result that the cultivation were highly developed.

As a matter of fact, Mr Lifecruisers grandfathers father once upon a time came here from Germany to work as a agriculture chemist, helping the Swedish farmers to learn more about agriculture and played an important roll in the Swedish agriculture development.

It’s counted on that at the end of the 16th century, most of our kitchen plants we have today existed. We import a lot of the kitchen plants from abroad, since we don’t have the climate to grow it year round.

Sample of plants we cultivate in Sweden during the summer season:

celery, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprout, different kind of beans, mushrooms, dill, different kind of salads, chive, cucumber, artichoke, Swedish turnip (Brassica napus rapifera), different kind of onions, corn, carrots, parsnips, horse radish, parsley, pumpkin, rhubarb, radish, beetroot, different kind of cabbage, cress, spinach, squash, tomatoes and peas.

There are some plants we cultivate, but in very small amounts, like aubergine, fennel, pepper and asparagus.

Plants we don’t cultivate at all is for example avocado, black root and garlic. There might be some minor cultivations with garlics.

Swedish people is a very health conscious people, we eat a lof of vegetables and fruits in this country and quite frankly, we need all the vitamins we can get, to survive these dark, cold winters….

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6 Comments on “Green food mood”

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Bonjour Mrs Lifecruiser
    After this marvelous white night and all the doms we need to relax our stomach, don’t we? What better as fresh vegetables! More and more french people think to their health too! And sometimes with a lot of energy! Did you hear about José Bové, who pull up the transgenic corn in the private cultures. He was several times in prison for that. He’s now a candidate for the president election. Many people like old plants of vegetables in their garden with rare varieties of middle age that you can’t find on the market. I adore eat bio but only sometimes because it’s more expensive.

    Lifecruiser: Ah, interesting info about José Bové Caluise, I didn’t know that! And I agree with you, it’s a pity that they are so expensive!

    Genie UNITED STATES said:

    Fresh veggies are definitely a tonic for those long Swedish winters. I’ve visited Stockholm in January and definitely can understand how much you must love the summers. Thanks for sharing all that information — very educational!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Yes, then you’ve seen it perhaps from it’s worst side :-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Very interesting and readable vegi post and of course we share the same history in Norway. May I ad (since in your picture) that we had what they called potato priest who ordered the farmers to start growing them in the 16th century. The potatoes originally came from The Andes Mountains of course.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I think it was the same over here actually. Good thing, because I adore potatoes. You can do so many different alternatives with potatoes! I simply love it.

    skeet UNITED STATES said:

    I love learning about growing and eating habits around the world. Each place a litttle different. I wrote about a staple in the Hawaiian diet today. Visiting for GTS!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I went over and read your interesting post :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Not to forget of course a hot grog ! (for the winter I mean) This would also be an interesting post for 192 countries, if you haven’t thought about it too.
    We are in summer for the moment ! Yesterday 28° !! It never happened since they note the weather ! Today apparently too. For me it can last the whole year !

    Lifecruiser: Mmm, I see what you mean :-D . WEll, I’m always considering 192countries, butt the problem is that every time – I want the post on my own blog and it’s not so good to post identical posts.

    28°, oh my, what is happening with the weather all over the world????

    Biofuels UNITED STATES said:

    The green revolution is growing. Join up today!

    Biofuelss last blog post..First Blender Pump to Open in Kansas

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