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♥ Green Thumb Sunday ♥

This is the water of Loch Fyne you see in the background, from one of our fantastic trips to Scotland. It is at our favorite castle B&B, where we have stayed a couple of days in the two trips we have done over there. I will tell you more about that later in a special cyber cruise post.

We’re approaching the winter season over here in Sweden and I only wish I could make a dream beam back to the summer and Scotland – one of our favorite travel destinations.

I really can recommend going there. We have seen the east coast, the west coast and the highlands and it is absolutely breathtaking views everywhere.

They are calling Ireland the green island, but truly, Scotland is at least as green as Ireland!

For me, with all the old castles and Lochs, it is the ultimate romantic country to visit…

Captain Dreamy Lifecruiser

17 Comments on “Green Dream Gate”

    Gattina said:

    Now I am green of jalousie (fits perfectly for Halloween) because I have never been in Scotland and I know it is a beautiful country from all the pictures I have seen. I want to make a roundtrip there ! I wait for you to visit the appartment and surroundings with me, you will see it is really something very special for us northern people !

    Debbie said:

    I added my button on the sidebar. I am not a big person for Halloween. I like the fall part of it and moving into autumn but not really into the scary side of it!

    ruth said:

    I love the Halloween look to your blog now…you’re so clever! I love Scotland too…my sister lives there (just across the border) and we’ve visited the highlands a few times. Spectacular scenery Happy GTS

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks everybody. I’m glad you like it :-)

    …and more is to come…. *ghostly giggles*

    Maribeth said:

    I agree. Why do you think I married Scottsman?

    RennyBA said:

    What a beautiful picture from a wonderful nature and landskape. I’ve never been to Scotland, but its on my top 10 list. It looks so nice, quiet, peaceful and calm – a place for reflected quality time – thanks for sharing!

    Thanks also for your support at web awards 2007 – I’ve returned the favor of course – good luck :-)

    RennyBA said:

    Btw: Sorry I am late announcing The Halloween Party For All Bloggers – my sidebar is updated now :-)

    claudie said:

    What a beautiful Halloween place! I just come back on internet!
    I was so busy with my job and the daughters! So I ned to have a rest this afternoon! Scotland must be visited! Sure! It’s a beautiful place. The picture is beautiful! I need green, you know! Here we haven’t see the rain since april and all is braun still! After a visit by Gattina I will begin to write my post about Olive fest and I call you when I am ready!!!

    TopChamp said:

    hello – I live in Glasgow – and have just been to Loch Fyne too. We were staying about 5 miles or so on from Inveraray in a tiny house right on the lochside. We only spent a night there but it is just SO relaxing to be able to get out of the city and walk in the tranquility of the loch. SO lucky to be so close.

    TopChamp said:

    oh – and happy Halloween in advance!

    Aiyana said:

    A lovely photo. With the mist, it has a dreamy look. Happy GTS,

    Lifecruiser said:

    Nice to get to know you TopChamp :-) Oh, now you made me really envious…. That sounds absolutely marvelous with the staying at Loch Fyne!!!! I really long back there. I adore Scotland!

    I also love the Scottish people – they are so friendly and helpful. Such many very nice B&B we’ve stayed at!

    Welcome back at any time – why not join our Halloween Party the 31th?

    farmingfriends said:

    This a truely stunning photograph. I would love to visit this place. Sara from farmingfriends

    Kasia said:

    WOW!!!! I loooooooove this new look? Who is your web mster and web designer? Is it you, Mrs. Lifercruiser??? How long did it take you to dreate ThIS?
    I am so sorry I come here only from to time but I have been so freaking busy lately.
    Anyway – I love it. :) And i love the Scottish pic. So romantic. I wish I could be there right now.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks :-) I hired Leanne Wildermuth to make it. I knew I wanted the Ghost Boo Face at once I saw it and Leannes tweaking of it did it even better! She is so talented!

    claudie said:

    Mine is up now!
    If you are hungry, you can find something to eat at olive tree fest!

    Have a beautiful week my Captain!

    Skeeter and LC said:

    Thanks for visitin our PhotoHunter bloggie. We gotta admit, you have one strange (cool) site!

    Skeeter and LC

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