Valley in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

Tenerife is one of Spain’s volcano islands with a landscape similar to a desert at some places, but it also has the very opposite: very green areas. You can get it all at this island.

One of those green areas are Anaga up on the north tip of the island, which we could explore a bit of one of our days there. Unfortunately not enough, but it gives a picture of it.

This region still hides small picturesque villages, cut off from the main roads and perhaps even the rest of the world?

This might be the real hidden Tenerife. It’s said that there still are some people living in adapted caves there. I sure would have loved to meet a genuine caveman!

The road goes along the Anaga massif with a couple of fabulous Mirador-spots (View spots). Make sure you got plenty of time when going there, so you can make plenty of stops and some detours at the few places it’s possible.

A green valley in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

As in other places at Tenerife Island, there was mountains to drive up and down, with breathtaking views. Despite its generally rather modest elevations, the Cruz de Taborno has a height of 1,024 meters.

At one spot along the road, we were literally driving at the top edge of the mountain and this rock below was the absolute top.

A top rock on the edge of a mountain in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

It’s a pity that I couldn’t show you how high up we were at this point, but I took the photo from the car and there was vegetation at the sides, so it would not have shown anyway.

I must compliment Tenerife (and actually all we have seen of Spain) for their excellent care of their roads though. Everywhere they were as well taken care of as you see in our photos from there. No problems at all.

At one point we got to see those awesome rock formations, like sea stacks, but on land and looking like some kind of figures, at least one of them or what do you think?

Rock standings on a mountain in Anaga area, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

This road trip was something different than other mount trips we’ve made. Beautiful in another way with it’s green valleys, not only breathtaking views because of the heights, but also with interesting mountain ranges.

Not scary heights, just relaxing, beautiful views. No need to be covered in sweat when arriving the goal, as I use to be…

View of Anaga mountains meeting the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

We did spot some wanderers on the road a couple of times and I think there are some over-night cottages or similar at some spots in the area, well worth to investigate if you’re into hiking in the mountains.

When coming down at the north-north-west side of the island you really get to see the mountain ranges dropping down to the sea.

View of Anaga mountains meeting the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

The road really went down to the sea level from there, making me wonder if it can be flooded if the Sea is high.

There are two beaches on this coastline: Playa de Almaciga and Playa de Los Roques, both with black sandy beaches and as we could see: popular for surfers.

View of Almaciga area by the sea, Tenerife North, Photo by Lifecruiser

There even was a small surf bar, probably very popular during summertime.

We went back home just before the sun did set since I don’t like to be up in the mountain in the darkness. We just had time enough to get down from the Anaga mountains before it turned real black.

When going South again we did choose another way than the usual TF-1 highway which we already had traveled so many times. We tried the smaller C-822 in hope to see some small villages along the road.

It turned out to be not so good idea when you’re afraid of heights. There were no signs on our map that this would be such a curvy mountain road, but it is!

Mountain road in the dark, Tenerife South road C-822, Photo by Lifecruiser

Behind that road fence, it’s steep, right downhill the high mountain side, so we had to drive slowly, in case we should meet some one. This was how the road looked like for very long.

By now I was covered in sweat, we had to turn back to the highway again at the first place we could, because I really couldn’t stand it.

No matter how romantic it truly was totally alone with only the moon shining…

Lifecruiser Anaga

17 Comments on “Green Anaga Mountains – The Hidden Tenerife”

    claudie said:

    I love the last picture driving on the road in the darkness and the moon! Sounds a famous scene I should have seen in a Hitchcock’ film! :shock: “giggles” :razz:
    Love the beautiful landscape! It’s really a nice country, we have to visit.

    Ling said:

    That’s a stunning green, captain. Almost looks like someone rolled out a green velvet carpet. Love the first one, with the sun shining down on the village. Looks so peaceful. :smile:


    Wow, what an amazing place. Guatemala and Costa Rica are full of volcanoes, and some are still active!!! It’s actually pretty cool, you can see the lava flowing all the time at night.
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

    Gattina said:

    It’s said that Tenerife looks like a little continent with all these different landscapes ! From Morocco to Switzerland !
    In the 70th it was the paradise for Hippies who lived there in groups. Some of them stayed and are living in these mountains, now around 60 years old, with long beards and long hair and still flower children ! sometimes they come down to the markets and sell their homemade stuff !
    I met one and “interviewed” him, lol !

    Claudine said:

    I think that the curvy mountain road would have totally scared me to death! I am afraid of heights.

    zingtrial said:

    Nice pics’s wish I could go there right now He!He!He!.Wishing you well :) .

    Toni said:

    wow, those pictures are wonderful. i thought teneriffe would be like dry – didn’t realize it would green – (just thinking about santorini which is also a volcanic island) that last picture was scary though .. yikes!

    TorAa said:

    Really very different from what we seen in the Charter-brochures.
    I’m thankful you this excellent way shows the real Tenererife.
    Worth visiting.

    btw. Ghee posted a wonder greeting to me – helt utrolig fantastisk, og jeg er beveget langt inn i hjertet.

    RennyBA said:

    What beautiful landscape and mountains and your such a great photographer to capture the overwhelming nature!

    In my last comment, I said I wanna go there and now even more, but then to the hidden Tenerife :-)

    Happy Easter to both of you!


    Hope you guys have a great time for easter. Tell me how the egg dying goes with the spices!
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist


    nice place in between mountains and rolling hills

    Gina said:

    Those were beautiful shots but I am sure I would have been in the back seat biting my nails driving down a mountain at night… You are SO brave, Mrs. L ;)

    hkki said:

    nice places and photos


    It’s nice to see photos of Tenerife that don’t involve alcohol and/or beaches for once!

    Nothing annoys me more than the view people have of Tenerife as having nothing more to offer than sun, sea, sand, and sangria. Hopefully people take notice of your post as being one that shows that Tenerife actually has a lot to offer if you’re willing to get out of the tourist traps.

    On your note about the road being scary, if you’re coming back from Santa Cruz (or Puerto de La Cruz) to the South of the Island, via Los Gigantes, the road itself is highly scary during the day, but we were unfortunate enough to have to take a bus ride back over the mountain in the pitch black, with the addition of fog and rain. I though we were going to die! Typically, the bus driver didn’t even bat an eyelid for the whole journey, and we got home in record time, although my nerves were shot!

    If you visit Tenerife again, be sure to visit Los Gigantes, to see the marvellous rock formations there :)


    Fabulous pictures showing a side of Tenerife that many tourists (and even resident expats) often never see. Have you changed your theme lately?

    pamela radford said:

    two years ago my sister and I returned to tenerife for 10 days, after a 40 year absence (we lived there with my parents in 1968 and 69). We were so sad at how built up it had become, and a lot of the development very tasteless. We still knew where to find the non-touristy places though! Anaga was on our list to see but those were the two days my sister was sick and we couldn’t go! After seeing these incredible pictures I know we must return!

    Jonathan said:

    That’s a different side to the Tenerife i have come to know, next time i shall dig a little deeper. Thanks!

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