Ekerö Church is situated at lake Mälaren, Stockholm, Sweden. Built in late 1100, with several periods of additions, it’s only the walls that are from the original gray stone church and it had no tower from the beginning.

Ekerö Church,  Stockholm, Sweden, Copyright

I guess we have religion to thank for the fact that all those old churches are so well preserved.

We love old buildings, but very often also the surroundings are as beautiful as the church!

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5 Comments on “Graveyard buried in snow”

    Puss in Boots said:

    I love your new blog template,, Mrs LC, especially the silhouette of the yacht. It just looks so peaceful.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

    DimLamp said:

    I enjoyed your photos of this church. A blessed Easter to you! :grin:

    Vagabonde said:

    This is pretty scenery – but still under snow? Today we should hit 84 degrees (28 or 29 C) but I hope that it will go down as I prefer to have a spring and not go directly to summer. Your background picture makes me wish we were closer to the sea – it takes about 5 hours to drive to Savannah, Ga and about 5 or 6 hours to go to the Gulf of Mexico unfortunately, but we have lakes nearby.


    Oh no, this was the other week while we still had snow, now it has almost melted away, even though we don’t have as many degrees as you have: today about 10C :-)

    A. @ A Changing Life said:

    I love most old buildings but especially castles and churches. They have such a long history, but always look different from country to country.

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