Daisies Are Telling
Daisies Are Telling (Love Me, Love Me Not), 1955.
Oil on canvas. Gil Elvgren.

This picture reminds me more of school, graduation and summer holidays then the “Love Me, Love Me Not” telling part. Ah, those lovely summer holidays…

OK, I know that there isn’t any word like maduation, butt it should be ;-) Over here in Sweden, the graduation has taking mad proportions nowadays comparing when I graduated in the late seventies.

Back then we didn’t even wear any graduation hats (it wasn’t cool!) and were not so dressed up and only had one graduation dance / party(not ball, more like dance or party). The Disco style were very trendy then.

The kids graduating today are all for going out school with style. All dressed up, champagne breakfasts, party and party on party, riding on a big truck at the graduation day around the city screaming and singing, then a party at home and going out in the night!

Tuesday we were at Mr Lifecruisers nephews graduation party and today my nephew is graduating, so we’re off in a minute to catch him at the School!

I might update this post with some photos later.

The report from the steamboat parade we went on yesterday have to wait. In the meanwhile, why don’t you have a look at the celebration post below this?

Captain Mad Lifecruiser

UPDATE: You can see all the graduation photos here to get a picture: how a Swedish graduation is nowadays.

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8 Comments on “Graduation Maduation”

    Gattina TURKEY said:

    Hı there I am stıll ın Turkey sıttıng ın a nıce antıque cyber cafe, full of men who can’t belıeve that a woman ıs able to use ınternet ! Tomorrow afternoon I wıll fly back and can then catch up for the moment I only publıshed a bıt. It’s very beautıfull here.

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    I can’t wait till I graduate from high school later this year! I’m so looking forward to sixth form and finally doing the few subjects I desire! :D

    The world probably has more people graduating nowadays, so I guess that’s why you called it maduation. ;)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    wow, yes I can see that on the Turkish flag. We’ve missed you and looking forward to read ALL about your trip :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, yes, I can understand your feeling there, it’s tough to study things you’re not particularly interested in.

    claudie FRANCE said:

    interesting post about graduation! It doesn’t exist in france just for high miltary school like St Cyr.
    Pupils receive just their diplama but after they organize a big party in all ways often diploma or not diploma!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    So, you don’t have it over there, interesting. I think it’s a bit too much over here, so a middle way would be nice :-)

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    There is such hoopla in our area with the number of parties going on! There was the typical YOO-HOO shout the whole night and more sailor caps than you could bear… Only 4 more years till I get to celebrate for the twins…I have the most funny baby picture picked out for them, and ME!muahhhaahaah!


    When I graduated from high school I remember a little bit of parties at friends’ beach houses and downtown areas. It seemed like the typical parties.

    What a grand celebration with all the trucks! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before. He must of had a blast! Congratulations to your nephew!!! :-D

    What great pictures! :-D That is neat how he had the yellow roses hanging around his neck. I’d love to have some roses as a necklace. Would smell sooo good.

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