Golf pleasures in and out

Mr Lifecruisers reflection golfclub TaylorMade Tour Burner

There has been some golf practicing by Mr Lifecruiser here lately. Luckily there is some driving ranges around which is god to start with if not in shape. It don’t take so much time to standing there, than to go out on a full 18-holes golf round.

Mr Lifecruiser loves to play golf, but somehow he hasn’t played that much the last couple of years. Don’t look at me like that, it’s not my fault, I promise!

I even booked a B&B just at the edge of a golf course when we were in Scotland, to be really sure he would come out play golf while in Scotland…

One reason for not being out playing, is of course that we were out traveling so much before. Another reason is the weather in Sweden the past two years, it has not been good I tell you. A third reason is a lot of personal stuff happening, sickness, my Mom etc.

However, his handicap before he met me were 3,2 if I recall right and this year he has increased it to 5,3, which actually is better for him since he is not playing much golf any more and it will be more fair for him when he does, not being forced to live up to the lower handicap.

He use to play some golf in the summer when we’re at Fårö, but to get to the nearest driving range, you have to take the ferry over to Gotland where Fårösunds GK driving range is.

There is a golf competition among the people that come to Fårö during the summer that Mr Lifecruiser use to attend. It’s called Fårö Masters and were once upon time started by Mr Lifecruiser, he managed it for many years. It’s always hold in the beginning of July at Slite GK at the island Gotland.

Last year was the first year he didn’t play because he damaged his ribs just before going there, so it was impossible for him to play. But the year before that, he participated and actually won 2 trophys!

One of them were the long driving competition, he did the longest shot of them all, around 250 meters. His personal record is 320 meters though.

Since then his very good golf club, Cobra Driver, has been banned and is now forbidden to use (very silly) and he had to get a new driver. So guess what he did got for his birthday (17th of May) this year from me?

Yes, a new driver! One that is brand new, just out on the market, but hard to get, especially if you’re a left player like he is. A TaylorMade Tour Burner!!!! (Regular, 10,5)

Mr Lifecruisers reflection golfclub head TaylorMade Tour Burner

There were also some other smaller items he needed, like new gloves, balls and pegs which we equipped him with. So now he is prepared for this years golf season!

Do I play golf…? No. Blame it on my bad back. Well, at least not outdoor golf… *giggles*

Read my Rules for bedroom golf, if you haven’t before - then you’ll understand ;-)

Lifecruiser Golf


Comments on Golf pleasures in and out

  • 1
    Ling MALAYSIA said:

    You ever wear a helmet while playing bedroom golf? Try one of those with a bright torch inside… :)
    Lings last blog post..Check-In Your Personality - Sexy or Safe?

  • 2
    Mar SPAIN said:

    LOL , I loved reading the bedroom golf. Then and now!! :wink:
    We are not golfers but I have a bar of soap in the shape of a golf ball stolen from a hotel room :oops:
    Mars last blog post..W is for water and F is for Friday Fill-In

  • 3
    Jenna UNITED STATES said:

    LoL — Nice driver — I can tell its brand new : ]

    Jennas last blog post..Oil-free and Lovin’ It!

  • 4
    claudie FRANCE said:

    I loved the story of bedroom golf. we don’t practice this sport but sounds very exciting! Ha! Ha! We practice more the petanque, here! Different sort of balls! But I notice there are many golf places in the area since a few years.

    claudies last blog post..The farm of Belgentier (2)

  • 5
    Fringe ROMANIA said:

    Wow …I love your driver.How much did it cost you?

  • 6
    tutubi PHILIPPINES said:

    so you’re like Renny who also loves golf… i visited another golf course recently (but didn’t play) and plan to post pictures probably next week. I only played golf once at a driving range…

  • 7
    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I don’t know ANYTHING about golf, but my son is a fervent player ! He has everything and made to his size. With his 2m most of the sticks (or what they are called) are all too short.
    My cat Arthur loves Golf too especially at TV each time he sees a ball falling in the hole he looks under the TV shelf to find it there !

    Gattinas last blog post..

  • 8
    TorAa said:

    these days, I only do read posts from my best friends.

    we would so like to walk with the 2 of you in Sept, for some hours - here at the Hurum Half Islands.

    we are listenging to J S Bach (Branderburg) - makes me happy

    I’ll try to post (crying) some prefuneral. that’s the — OK, I’ll try

    hugs to you both

    TorAas last blog post..Ruben - Jan 29-1968 - May 18-2008

  • 9

    Nice and interesting blog template. :smile:
    Gebeleiziss last blog post..Sonam Wangmo - an amazing Tibetan voice

  • 10
    Anders SWEDEN said:

    OMG….. Laughing my head of to the “Golf Bedroom rules”…..LMAO literally…….
    And I really like the club you gave mr Lifecruiser, almost wants me to start golfing……welll……. maybe Later. And Thanks for linking to me also :)
    Anderss last blog post..Onsdag - tankar om mörker och ljus

  • 11
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    The golf club cost SEK 3795, which is about 400 EURO. Well worth it I can tell from how he has played already!

  • 12
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Tor, music is a wonderful thing, so let it play and heal your heart wound a bit. It will be a scar later, but it will at least stop bleeding after a while.

    Take your time to let the sorrow work through properly, don’t feel pressed to post anything, even though if you do, we’re very interested in the news of course.

    We’re proud of being your friends as you’re such a nice couple!

    Friends are like a rainbow. They brighten your life when you’ve been through a storm.

    Big hugs to you n Anna

  • 13
    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Gattina, I just must tell you once again: I LOVE Arthur!!!! That is such a cool cat!!!!

    2 m seems very difficult to be. I have problems being 1.76 cm, but I’m a female… *giggles*

  • 14
    RennyBA SWEDEN said:

    You know I love golf too and my wife always support me as she says: ‘That’s the only situation it’s proper for a gentleman to ask a lady to watch his balls’ :lol:

    Yea, last season was terrible - wet, the course looked more like a sailing boat club :lol:

    Btw: When playing golf I’m always thinking of you and how exciting an indoor round can be too, but really: watch his balls!!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Join BlogBlast For Peace!

  • 15

    If I could cross the ocean and give you a huge hug, I would. Thank you for all you’re doing for peace globes. If everyone did the same, we’d have thousands of globes this time.
    You are wonderful.
    Thank you.


    Mimi Lenoxs last blog post..Reason #15 To Fly A Peace Globe ~ Ugandan Civil War

  • 16

    I am slowly making myself able to play golf. I am not naturally athletically-gifted when it comes to most sports. The men at the golf store recommended that I start by hitting balls around with a five-iron. I have been in my five-iron stage for a while as I don’t get anywhere that I can golf much.

    thebluestbutterflys last blog post..Vigil at the Top

  • 17

    I love to play golf. In my child hood I was really fond of golf so my dad used to teach me how to play golf and now I can beat Tiger Woods also. Jokes apart I am a lover of the game just fond of playing it and defeating others give me a lot of happiness.

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