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I know some of you wonder how it is with my going-bald thing. Me too ;-)

I think that MAYBE, but I’m not sure, the hair loss have decreased some. I think that it isn’t that many hair falling off now, but on the other side: I don’t have so many left to lose either!!!

And why can’t I lose hair on the rest of the body instead where I don’t want them? I have a few hairs keep growing out on my big toes, ONE thick one just in front of my right ear (!), some on my chin and don’t mention the bikini line – and they never fall off. *very disappointed*

My days goes by eating a lot of food stuff containing iron and C-vitamin. The C-vitamin help the body to suck up the iron better. Normally I eat rather much of this stuff anyway, but now I’m totally guzzle in this stuff. The steaks, liverpâté, parsley, spinach, broccoli, dried apricoty, shrimps, fruits and cashewnuts among a lot of other stuff is practically flooding up to my ears by now.

Oh, and I do hope that I’m not going to be hairy as a gorilla when all my hairs start growing back from eating all this iron stuff ;-)

Now I REALLY can call myself a food monster, but I’m not sure I’m that hungry any more. It’s quite tough work to get in all these stuff all the time… Pheeew!

Then I have to eat really strong iron pills every day, I should take two a day, but that’s almost impossible since they make the stomach go rollercoasting and sometimes even make me nauseous. I’ll have to keep a balance there, so I manage to take one almost every day. There is some others that I can buy without prescription to try out if they are easier for me, so we’ll se how it goes with that.

Don’t read this small printed if you’re sensitive:
And yes, my poo is still black and will continue to be as long as I eat the iron pills *lol*

Doc wasn’t interested in seeing me before the stomach investigation is done, the gastroskopi and that’s planned to the 12th of June. I have to wait so long because they are going to put me to sleep while doing it and their line for that is long. I can be grateful that they could squeeze me in before the summer. That’s how long line there is for any examination in this country nowadays.

I think I hope they won’t find any internal bleeding at least. On the other hand, I hope they find something, because there must be some reason for me having this lack of iron. You don’t get lack of iron if you eat normally and don’t bleed or having hormone issues. Sure the fact of loosing weight both during our US trip and South America trip is contributing to this, but is probably not the only cause of it.

I want some explanation for it or I’m going to feel very uncertain about this. How do I know if I’m well or not? These iron pills get my iron levels back yes, but if there is some other problem I may get back the lack of iron again and since it took me so long to understand that I was ill last time, how will I know it in time this time?

You see, I’m the type that’s up going or shuffling forward until I’m almost dead. Somehow my brain just don’t want to realize or admit that I’m actually ill. It’s insane. On top of that I have my cronical back pain I’m living with and I get pretty tired of that too, so how do I know whats what?

The clinic don’t want to do blood test if they don’t find it necessary and they have not the same definition of what’s necessary as I have… It’s always about money, but they won’t let me pay for the test myself either. *sigh*

I want my hair and my energy back. I don’t want to lose more of it. I want my travel life back.

Yours sincerely Baldie Hawn

5 Comments on “Going bald part four”

    Dave said:

    I get this stuff called “Gentle Iron” and it doesn’t upset the stomach. It’s put out by Rexall. It also contains vitamines C and B.
    Hope they find out what’s wrong. Wanda went through a time when she was ailing and had the gastroscope thing. After every test immaginable turned out it was stress. She didn’t say so but I think she also had some hair loss although not as bad as yours.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for the tip Dave. I’ll check up if we have something similar here in Sweden and if we don’t I still may get the chance to get hold of it, since Miss Ass. Lifecruisers daughter may go over to US soon.

    Napfisk said:

    I keep reading these installments with utter amazement. How is it possible that there still has been no real diagnosis? I hope you do feel somewhat well otherwise (if all your romantic and culinary adventures are something to go by, you seem OK).

    Hopefully this is all over soon (as in ‘cured’ obviously). If not, think how cool and comfortable you’ll be this summer not frying underneath a great bushel of hair.

    Lifecruiser: And there is one more positive thing with it: I can go swimming without having the wet hair afterwards that take ages to dry *lol* Maybe I’ll get sand stuck on my baldie instead… ha ha….

    Kasia said:

    Well I had that problem, too. You know what helped? Turnip extract – I was massaging my head with it for like two months, every day, after washing my hair. And it stopped falling out.

    sharlet said:

    Hi Mrs Lifecruiser, don’t worry too much. I would keep bugging the doctor if I don’t get my answers; that’s what you should do too. But on your own, don’t think of it because you wouldn’t know what’s wrong too, so you’ll just make yourself worried.

    In the meantime, continue keeping a positive outlook and maybe try to do some exercises to help your body remain active. My fingers are crossed for you. :)

    Lifecruiser: I don’t worry, I just want to have it over and done with :-) Bugging the doc hardly ever helps in this country, maybe getting another doc, but that’s difficult to find. You could run around to a lot of doc’s and you only get bad ones. Ugh. Time and energy consuming, which I don’t have unfortunately.

    skye said:

    Thanks for the update, baldie hawn :)

    I hope you continue to stop losing hair, and maybe even start gaining some. It’ll be a relief to just get a proper diagnosis, I’m sure.

    Glad to see you’re still able to laugh about it sometimes!

    Lifecruiser: I’d rather laugh instead of crying *lol*

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