Vacation days are precious, and American workers do not take nearly enough vacation time compared to their peers in other industrialized nations. Evidently, when it comes to taking a vacation, quality of experience counts more than quantity of time spent on vacation.

It is an Experience

Americans dream up the most interesting ways to spend vacation days as shown by the assortment of packages offered by travel specialists. These advisers tend to specialize in certain packages, but the very best ones can provide the right venue regardless of the type of vacation desired.

To get the most out of limited vacation days, plan with an eye to new adventures and unexplored opportunities. Trying to stick to an overly rigid schedule can turn your dream vacation into boot camp. Set some goals, rather than tasks. Leave plenty of time between activities and feel free to step away from your daily routine assuming you have no medical restrictions.

Types of Vacations

Disney Vacations are family-oriented affairs. This type of vacation is best enjoyed as a multi-generational experience so that grandchildren can interact with grandparents in a fun setting. This is beneficial for everyone because having an extra pair of eyes and hands can be helpful in navigating big crowds. The Disney vacation becomes less stressful and more memorable when shared with family members.

When vacation days are limited, it makes sense to spend the time vacationing close to home. This will cut down on expenses and vacation stress as well. Pack a bag and your best vacation togs and drive to a full-service hotel. Enjoy all the amenities and try to forget that you can see your backyard from the rooftop pool. Mingle with the other guests, make friends and act like a tourist. To maximize the experience, turn your phone off and limit the number of people who know where you are. You are not on vacation if you continue to think of work.

Many travel advisors have themed vacation packages so that all you need to do is sign up for the adventure that you seek. A spa vacation will include the full array of personal pampering that you may need to recharge from a high-stress lifestyle. Bluegreen Resorts vacations have several spa options in different locations. A western adventure on a working ranch is for those who seek to experience the cowboy lifestyle if only for a few days. A golf holiday or a gambling weekend can be had if this is your idea of a dream vacation.

A cruise vacation is also a popular option for families, but there are exploration-based cruises that are guaranteed to whet your appetite for adventure. Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, the Amazon and many exotic destinations are within the realm of possibility if you find the right vacation package.

The Vacation Mindset

It seems a little odd that people on vacation have to be reminded to relax and actually let their mind and their spirit go on vacation. However, some people find it difficult to disconnect from work and their established routine. Old habits die hard, but giving in to the vacation mindset once in a while will reboot mind and body approaching burnout, recharge the spirit and create beautiful memories to go back to until your next vacation days roll around.

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