Recently I have been getting some new Tech stuff, like a new camera a while before Christmas (Canon EOS 600D) and now the other day I got an iPhone 4S when renewing my account. To learn about this new stuff takes many hours of my time. (Fun hours though!)

There is so many nice features in both the camera and the mobile phone. The camera will take the longest time to get used to though – or to get skilled enough to use all the extra functions I might say.

When it comes to the mobile phone, it takes hours and hours to search through for all the apps – even though there are recommendations from friends, other users and experts – I still want the ones I like the most, not only the ones others like.

I’ll come back with some kind of report of what I finally decided to download in apps – and even anything special I discover or learn with the new camera, but I suspect I’ll not shoot so many photos until we’re going to meetup with our Norwegian friends in February.

Anyway: now you know what I’m occupied with. I really LOVE both my new tech babies. Only thing missing now is a new laptop too…

Have any great travel apps or photo apps to recommend? Write a comment!

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2 Comments on “Getting new tech stuff keeps you occupied…”

    Ginnie said:

    And we always said BOYS and their toys. HA! Well, have fun. All those iPhone apps blow my mind!


    Nice to learn you get two tech babies!!! I see you really take care on them!!! Can’t wait the result when you’ll visit the Norwegian cruisers!!!

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