French Face Art in medieval village, Provence, France, Photo Copyright Lifecruiser.com
Modern art found in a medieval village in Provence
Southern France, August 2009

Lifecruiser French Art

6 Comments on “Fun French Face Art”


    You always have an eye for both the art and the fun, not to mention the French ;-)

    Gattina said:

    As the Belgians officially have not to like the Frenchs, they would say, such a stupid thing can only be French. That’s really making fun out of the people !
    Of course I remember the hat competition ! I wanted to say in real life, and forgot that this was not real life either, lol !

    claudie said:

    I didn’t remember this nose with glasses :grin:
    Very funny!
    yesterday I was in Marseille visiting an art museum and what I saw about modern art was sometimes really incredible and stupid! :shock: For exemple three colored lights together and nothing else! But i imagine the price of the creation was famous! So I prefer this anonymous creation if you can laugh! :razz:

    DianeCA said:

    Hehehe I was wondering if that was your Halloween costume…new sunglasses?? I think there is place in art for humor, anything which makes you think and touches your emotions is allowed.

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Hahaha that’s nice. I can probably use it on the masquerade party. LOL

    P. Veazey said:

    This would be priceless if it could be made into a mask and sold in Rio just before Carnival.

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