Friends 4ever

We have a friend that some how always are in the need of us more often than others. This is one of our closest friends and Mrs Lifecruisers best friend. Yes, you have met her here before, Miss Ass. Lifecruiser. She is going to be a part of our daily reality soap as a true lifecruiser.

Her life is enough stuff to be a reality soap on its own, there is certainly happening enough with stuff to her all the time. And it really is not her that is creating the stuff that is happening, they just seems to be drawn towards her…

I have said several times to her that she must write a book about her life or a script for a TV soap! So she has given us the permission to write about it here. We just do not know how to start tell her story, it is almost hard to beleive it. Some hard work is needed to get all pieces together! Be sure to come back to get it later!

As you may have noticed the postings have been rather thin lately, one of the reasons for that is that her current problems have taken some time to work on, our minds have been busy. She has had a really tough time lately. Friends in need are of course priority #1. Feelings are hard work.

Yesterday we came to a climax, at least we do hope so, it is just the one hundred of them ;-) Shortly about the facts right now is that she is a need of money. As usual not for her own sake (!), but for her friends there in US. They are in the fear of being evicted from their home because of unlucky circumstances.

So what to do? No one in their familys want to help them out, which for one fact is a big shame in our eyes. That is the ultimate treachery of them all, the one that should be their closest ones, the ones that they really should be able to trust and they are letting them down. We can not write the words we want to here…. Let us just say that we are pissed off.

She is unusually goodhearted and has been helping them out already, but as she only has a small disability pension of her own, she has been making them to count by magic so far. She is a hell of economic person, that really can “cook soup of a nail” as we say here in Sweden. A real survivor.

She do not like to borrow the money, she want to make it by her own, but sometimes the will is not enough. We do not have much, but of course we had to scratch together some of the amount so they can pay half the rent today to avoid the eviction.

Money is not all, friendship and humanity is worth more.

So what, if we have some problems to get the money to count for a while, we will survive!

Heart We have something else, that is worth much more than anything else. Our friendship and love.

Some words about true friendship:

- By being a good friend you get good friends
- A friend is some one that you can rely on no matter what
- A good friend do not judge or hold something against you
- A good friend listen and supports you
- Good friends are always honest to each others
- A good friend understands and accepts you as you are

It is worth much more to have just one truly good friend then many superficial so called friends.

Hey, we have our own “Day of friendship” here - or let us say, that it is that day every day shall we?

Do not forget your friends, take good care of them.

We have two favourite clips about friendship for you to take a peek at here, why not send them to a friend of yours TODAY?

I Like You
Between friends

Comments on Friends 4ever

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    Miss Ass. Lifecruiser UNITED STATES said:

    What to say??? Well.. maybe.. try to look on your problems like a challenge… find solutions… and be honest!! We all need to tell a white lie from time to time..but not to our best friend(s).

    Have been knocking on heavens door more then once… just wonder what they are doing up there!! They certainly have no time to open that damn door!!! Never mind… guess they are all sitting on the clouds eating Philadephia cheese… and I’m not to found of that!!

    ohhhh…. now I remember… Mrs. Lifecruiser did send me a song… “the road to hell”,,, and said that THAT was my road…. Getting a bit confused here now… I thought I was on earth… *lol*… was this a reply about friendship???

    Thank you dear friends… not just for helping me out… more then once..twice… 10000’s of times… thank you for beeing there and to listen to all crap that is going on.. and will … forever I’m afraid,,,,

    Mrs. Lifecruiser is the best friend on earth… and she is MINE!!!

    If anyone feels like writing a book or a script to 10 movies or so… just give me a call….

  • 2
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. I remember that saying from back in my school days.

    I have a wide circle of friends, but only have probably 3 good friends. People that I can trust and talk to, and turn to in times of need. But, out of those three friends, I have only 1 very special friend. She was there for me when I went through a very difficult time, she did for me, what no other friend has ever done and I will never ever forget that.

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    It is better to go for quality than quantity - when it comes to all kind of matters!!!!

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, there is a problem here…. I sent you that song because that was the road that you had gone before, it was not the meaning that you should continue to go on that road! Stop at once! That is an order!

    It is easy to be a best friend to the very best friend ;-) It always counts both ways!

  • 5
    Miss ass.Lifecruiser UNITED STATES said:

    An ORDER??? *lol*.. Dear friend.. I’ve lost the map… I’m totally lost!! well.. I know what town and state I’m in.. but that’s all…. and soon YOU WILL BE HERE!! YIIIHAAAAA

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:


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