One thing that many gives as a reason to go to the French Riviera is for the beaches, not so much for us even though we did visit several beaches during our travel around in Provence. this one is from Nice or Cannes, don’t remember which one.

French Riviera Photo: beach peace

It look so darn inviting, especially now when we only have early spring her at home in Stockholm. Wish so bad that we were at the French Riviera instead!

We have to wait until August… *sigh*

©Lifecruiser Love French Riviera Beaches


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    Beautiful picture, Mrs Lifecruiser! Summer was at the rendez-vous today, here , in Provence but we are in action from the morning to the evening! This agitation makes we don’t take the time to live!
    Can’t wait august with you all! At this time, we’ll be on holiday! HOLIDAY! What a sweet word!

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