When driving from the airport in Marseille to Ollioules to meet dear Claudie in the town center, we used the GPS to find our way there. TorAa and Anna plus RennyBA and DianeCA went in another car and did choose to take some other roads though…

This meant that we didn’t follow each other, they went ahead before us on the road. At one point (don’t remember exactly where) we did take another road than they were and yet we somehow got before them at another part of the road further ahead! How mysterious!

They waved at us when they passed us again and continued. We did again choose another road further ahead and lost sight of each other again. It was like a fun game…. *giggles*

We did choose what I think was the old road which suited our way of driving: wanting to see things around and not only drive on boring motorways.

I really loved when this car pulled out in front of us – an old Renault R4, truly authentic French or what do you say?

Old Renault R4 car, France, Copyright

THAT would have been one heck of a car to rent instead of our boring Ford Ka!!!!!

This fun driving game also meant that we didn’t arrive to the town center at the same time either. They arrived there before us, meeting Claudie as they should.

When we arrived there I was so happy to finally see Claudie after years of blogging together, I couldn’t wait to get out of the car to hug her!!!!

….but, always those buts hah? The police were there and several other cars, so we couldn’t even stop the car there!!!!

How disappointingly to just be able to pass her without stopping, just waving as we passed them – but also quite comically don’t you think? *giggles*

So how and when did we finally meet Claudie then…?

(to be continued in next post…)

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10 Comments on “French blogger host lost”


    Yea, we also thought it was strange to pass you on our way to Claudie and Pierre – several times? Did you car had wings? :lol:

    When reading this, I so much remember the magic moment when we finally saw Claudie – face to face! It was very emotional!

    Amle said:

    I love these “to be continued”. Very excited about hearing what happened next! :grin:

    SwordMama said:

    I’m loving it! :D

    Maribeth said:

    What a fun recounting of the events. I can’t wait for part two!

    Gattina said:

    The most important thing is that you arrived saw quite a lot and had a nice time ! today the summer is back in Belgium we have 26° outside ! Imagine. I go to Brussels now, there is a big city feast going on. I need some pictures !

    TorAa said:

    You make me laugh and cry at the same time.
    Because it was so great to meet again.
    You describe the time from the Airport to Claudie and Pierre so very well, and lively. As a very vivid replay.

    And then from the Airport in Marignan – with the tiny car, much smaller than you had expected, I thought, as have been there before, you should follow us.
    Suddenly we missed you on the L’Autoroute.
    We slowed down, but it was no sign of the tiny Ka.
    But we knew you had a GPS, so we were convinced: They will hit the road.
    Remember the last phone call, when very close to Claudie and Pierre?
    Vikings find their road. And know how to meet and have a great time together.

    btw. I still have many posts to go before I present our wonderful time together.

    claudie said:

    I remembered you didn’t stop in ollioules and continued ! :shock: i didn’t understand :cry: what?! Why?!
    i didn’t know you were in situation with the GPS!!! :wink:
    Like you i like drinving out of the highway! and the r4 was my second car in 1981!!! It was blue lavand! :lol:

    Puss in Boots said:

    I used to have a Renault station wagon in the 70s, it was bright red and I loved it! Seeing that car in your photo brought it back to me.


    that would have been a truly french car to rent…you should find one for next time

    Charles Ravndal said:

    That’s quite funny. It’s like a similar scene in a movie when they’re chasing around. I usually rely on a GPS but sometimes it’s nice to check a map once in a while.

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