When we were in Southern France in August we did of course also visit a beach since the weather was absolutely gorgeous. So one of the first days we did head for Bandol….

Bandol beach view, Provence, France, Copyright

This big bay has a lot to offer, several different sand beaches – of course very crowded and you better get there early if you want to find somewhere to park your car.

For us it was like heaven to take a swim in the Sea a hot day like this. I believe Anna was one of the first to get ready….

Bandol beach babe, Provence, France, Copyright

Yep, definitely Beach Babe 2009. Just check in her bikini. I say no more. But who could beach hunk 2009 be then?

We spotted him out to catch the waves. OK, not really any waves but it sounded good, didn’t it? *giggles*

Bandol beach hunk Tor, Provence, France, Copyright

Another one that was very excited of the chance to get her very first dip in the Mediterranean Sea was Diane.

Bandol Pro-snorkler Diane, Provence, France, Copyright

Who by the way, turned out to be almost like a pro-snorkler…. in the water all the time. Maybe she were looking out for the Navy Seal’s to land in the French beaches…. *giggles*

Renny swims at Bandol beach, Provence, France, Copyright

For us Nordic people, the sunny weather and nice temperature in the Sea isn’t anything we’re exactly spoiled with, so of course we had the most wonderful time there.

If I tell you that last week we had about 2 hours of sun in the whole week here in Stockholm and it’s about the same so far this week, you’ll understand…

No wonder I’m dreaming back to that day… *sigh*

Lifecruiser dreams back to beach in Bandol, Provence, France, Copyright

My own beach hunk was the photographer, so I won’t share him with you all.

The wonderful person that brought us all there (and into her home) is Claudie. Once again I want to thank her for their hospitality and patience with us all.

Mrs Lifecruiser and Claudie - friends for life, Provence, France, Copyright

Lifecruiser French Beach Friends

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9 Comments on “French beach leach”

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Oh my the beach looks so inviting. I wanna go to swim now lol!

    claudie said:

    I would want to be there still! When I think Gattina has the same feeling now in Egypt! The only problem was of course to park the car but finally we found a nice place near another beach. Now we become crazy with Pierre studying plans for a new home. I can say if this home see the day in the future I say no more about our gatherings!!!! :shock:

    Puss in Boots said:

    What a beautiful beach and you look so good in a bikini! I’m glad you have those memories to look back on during the dark cold days of winter.


    Yea, those where the days this summer – thanks for taking me down the wonderful, warm, sunny memory lane!

    Best Regards,
    The Navy Seal :lol:

    Chris said:

    hey Diane,
    Did you see any fish in the Mediterranean? I am sure there is no sharks there… I really like snorkeling and I snorkel around the world but I never been in France….let me know :smile:

    BLOGitse said:

    Wow what I found here!
    Renny added your link on my blog and here I am – in the middle of French summer! :)
    I’m a Finnish expat woman living now in Cairo, Egypt! Nice to meet you! :grin:

    TorAa said:

    hehe – I’ve never seen so many beautiful “Beach Bunnies” in my whole life.
    Suddenly I’m 22 again.
    Yeah, I was, when we were there, together, all of us wonderful bloggers when we had a blast and forever in our memory time together.

    btw. I’m behind time schedule at work due to 2 weeks with the visit of A (H1N1) virus. Hence also regarding visiting my best bloggerfriends and to comment. Health is in positive progress.
    Will we see you in Mariestad? I hope so.


    Nice pictures. When I looking on it, i remember summertime.
    I would like to be there. Maybe I’ll visit France next year.


    I’ve never been to the South of France, but I’ve always wanted to. I must say it looks just as beautiful as I imagined!

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