French Art Gallery Exhibition

While we were in Provence, France, in August, we were lucky enough to have the right date timing for a local art exhibition that was held in the town, which Claudie and her sister were kind enough to invite us to come along to.

Ollioules Mayor, Robert Beneventi - which we had the pleasure of meeting afterward - opened the Exhibition with a well appreciated speech.

One of the many artists that had their work hanging in the gallery, was in fact Claudie’s sister - an excellent aquarelle painter.

Artist at Ollioules Art Exhibition August 2009, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com

The three paintings below are painted by Claudie’s sister, wonderful motifs of three women. Look at the different details in their outfits and the movement in them!

Aquarelle paintings at French Art Exhibition, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com
Aquarelle paintings at French Art Exhibition, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com
Aquarelle paintings at French Art Exhibition, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com

There were so many paintings there - and people - so I couldn’t really take photos as I wanted, but I managed to take one of this fun and creative sculpture.

Sculpture at Ollioules Art Exhibition August 2009, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com

I had one or two other favorites besides from Claudie’s sisters paintings, which I totally forgot to take a picture of!

…and then we saw a fantastique stilleben (still life)…. or…..?

French Art Exhibition, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com

No, it was Tor taking a pause in the walking around in the gallery, obviously totally taken by the art…. *giggles*

So many artists participated with their work in this exhibition, that I couldn’t mention them all, I’ll just have to say that I loved that there is so much creativity going on in this little town!

Food and drinks was served outside in the gorgeous weather. It was such a pleasure to have some French snacks and some drinks. We were very honored to mingle with the people there, even though we only could speak English with a few of them.

Yes, it was definitely one of many highlights during this trip.

Another painting in a total different place catching our eyes while we were in France, were one of Pierre’s paintings: a very beautiful woman…

Pierres painting, France, Copyright Lifecruiser.com

We definitely could notice that France really are the country of artistic heritage, everywhere there were so interesting and creative people!

Lifecruiser French Art

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Comments on French Art Gallery Exhibition

  • 1
    DianeCA SWEDEN said:

    I love both Muguette’s and Pierre’s artwork, and I really appreciate the way that art is held in appreciation in Ollioulles! I felt very privileged to be invited into this local community in such a welcoming way. I will never forget it. :cool:

  • 2

    Another great example of what a great blog meeting we had at Claudie and Pierre’s in Ollioules! I loved Claudie’s sisters painting too - I guess it runs in the family :-)

    Those where the days in 2009 and now we meet up again in August 2010 in Oslo, Norway ->Hurray!

  • 3
    claudie FRANCE said:

    Yes! Hurray! I can’t wait now the next Blogmeeting in Oslo !!! So great time we had and I remember very well this good moment at the art exhibition gallery. :razz:
    My sister and Jérôme were so glad to meet you all and the Mayor continues to speak about you all each time I met him!
    I must say that even if Ollioules is a little town, south of France, there is a lot to do here and many associations will propose you different sorts of culturels activities and sports to practice. I see many Parisians and people everywhere in France who decided to live here and don’t regret it as there is an activ culturel programm in the same time life isn’t so stressing.
    Thanks for this kind article! :razz:

  • 4
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Oh I love the paintings! Those are lovely!

  • 5

    Oh, I love the still life of Tor…lol! Seriously, I thought that sculpture was wonderful as were the paintings.

    I adore art galleries…some peopke are so clever…sigh. Wish I was artistic like that.

    Happy New Year to you!

  • 6

    I always love it when the timing works out for travels. The artwork looks beautiful

  • 7
    Claudine said:

    The art was lovely! I love combining travel and art!

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