Why pay for phone calls when you can have them for free? Answer: because you are dumb enough….?

There has been a hazzle to get hold of functional phone cards with good options, when Miss ass. lifecruiser and I tries to call each other now when she is in New Mexico, US.

As free Skype users since a while back, we suddenly remembered that they even have a good offer for calling out to real phones! What a difference! Much better than the damn phone cards! WHY did’nt we think of that before?

With Skype you can talk through your computer worldwide with other Skype users for FREE and with a good quality – better than the phone cards – usually with the same quality as your home phone.

All you need is functional speakers and a microphone (which is built in, in modern displays) or get yourself a slim headset if you want to talk more privat, that is what we have. If you prefer to talk the oldfashioned way: get a USB-phone.

You even can sign up for SkypeIn and SkypeVoicemail if you want the whole kit :-)

Or what about the Skype Zones (BETA) that allows you to connect with wireless from a lot of hot spots around the world?

Or the Skype Toolbar for Outlook that allows you to make Skype calls to persons in your addressbook in Outlook or even in emails?

Nice things to have too, uhhh?

Unfortunately miss ass. lifecruiser does not have a laptop with her…. Anyone who feels like going to New Mexico and donating her one….?

So we are going to get a paid account, SkypeOut ( at once!), beacuse we don’t want to be dumb any longer…!!!


3 Comments on “Free phone calls worldwide”

    Sarah said:

    I love Skype, but Google Talk is great too!

    Lifecruiser said:

    It is good for us consumers that there is some competition, so they try really hard to top what the others offers *lol*

    cat said:

    Skype is great. I need to reinstall it so that I can take advantage of it again.

    Anyone think Yahoo’s new IM service with the call feature compares? I was curious – and I haven’t used GoogleTalk yet because I can’t get anyone to switch from Yahoo to Google…amazing how we get stuck with one ‘brand’ and don’t move.

    It is true that humans hate change, eh?

    Good to see your post about Skype!


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