Of all the western European capital cities, Lisbon is perhaps the only one that could come close to being “undiscovered”. Of course, this isn’t exactly accurate, but the point is well-made; most summertime visitors to this westernmost European mainland country come on package deals to the Algarve or all inclusive holidays Portugal which can be wonderful – but they so often miss the jewel in the country’s crown; Lisbon.

Portugal, Lisbon River ferryLisbon river ferry with the Cristo Rei statue in background

This ancient port city, and Portugal’s capital, has a huge amount to offer the discerning tourist coming here at the right time of year. “And when is that exactly?” I hear you ask. Well the best times to visit are just before or just after the main summer tourist season – so the ideal months are really April, May, June, September and October. At these times, the climate is usually perfect and the city isn’t as thronged with tourists as it is during July and August.

There’s so much to see and do here that you need to do your research and plan your trip wisely before you come. Lisbon is one of the few western European capitals with a river and a coastline. Its “Praça do Comércio” is the city’s main square and meeting area – and isn’t to be missed.

The Parque das Nações demonstrates how Lisbon maintains its close links with the river and its heritage and importance as a port city still today. In contrast, there are the city’s mediaeval quarters of Alfama and Mouraria, with the castle towering above – a castle which is mirrored by the Bairro Alto on the opposite hill and which leads down to the city centre known as the “Baixa pombalina”.

Meanwhile, Lisbon’s parks and nature reserves are superb whilst its golf courses and nearby beaches offer a diverse vacation for those looking for a little of everything.

So to call Lisbon a “forgotten” city may be overstating the case – but don’t make the mistake of missing out on this most diverse yet peaceful and European capital cities.

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    DianeCA said:

    Lisbon is indeed a beautiful and somewhat exotic city. We had the joy of being shown around by Our Portugese friends from OsloBG Helene and Luis. We have been inside the Christ statue and looked Down at the lovely bridge. Have driven across it also but the view is best from above :-)


    Oh, this post reignites my old crush on Lisbon. I miss those places so much, they have some kind of special magic indeed :)
    Have a wonderful week end.

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