Been at home for two and a half week now, a long time ;-) Time to travel again!!!!

This time our journey goes to:

1) Paraguay, Asuncíon
2) Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
3) Brazil, Natal

The flight there will take us about 21 hours, pheeeww…. Hopefully we will sleep on the plane, because we are really tired. It is hard to get in bed in the right time in the evenings!

Our first stay is at a ranch with cattle and horses, where there probably is no internet connection. It includes a shorter trip to the famous waterfalls Foz de Iguazu.

The second stay is at a hotel at Copacabana in Rio with a couple of guided seightseeings, for 3 days.

The third stay is at a hotel at the very popular beach Ponta Negra in Natal. Where we shall relax for 14 days after all stress lately. They have 300 sun days during a year – do I need to say more…..?

Maybe we will come back the 9th of December as entirely new people :-)

We will try to post reports here during the trip.

Read our earlier post about the trip

8 Comments on “Flying to South America”

    Mandy said:

    Oh my! off again already?

    The trip sounds fantastic, can you fit me in your suitcase please?

    Have fun!


    Captain Jeff said:

    Where you guyz been?!?! post for my interest!

    jane said:

    I hope you have a totally safe & wonderful trip. I really like the image on the front page of your blog.

    Deb said:

    Hello there Mr & Mrs Lifecruiser.

    Seems you’re still running about the placeand you’re not home when I ring your doorbell!

    Hope you two are enjoying yourselves immensely

    Dawn said:

    Good Luck with the trip. I’d much rather be going there instead of staying with the snow here :o )

    Have Fun.

    Lifecruiser said:

    The trip was fantastic of course, we will write more about it when we have had some more rest – it is a really long journey we made. (still not done with the sleeping…) Yes, I can imagine that you would have wanted to come too, especielly the horses on the ranch would have made you fall in love, I promise!

    Captain Jeff:
    O´boy,what a journey (making you curious) – we have been in south america all the time ;-) and now we wish that we were still there!!!

    Yes, both safe and wonderful, expect from some minor deseases and problems with the flights, but that is part of the experience. Glad you like our front picture, but which one of them? (Because if you click on them they change from about 5 different ones).

    Correct! But now we are home again, sweet home??!! Yes the own bed and kitchen is a dream after been away for so long, but the weather here in Sweden is almost making us go away again!

    Thanks, always need good luck because of a certain ability to have Bad luck… So now we only say “the B-word” when mentioning it, so we not challenge it somehow….. And it was not fun to come home to the cold and rainy Sweden again!!! But at least we got a month extra with sun and hot weather this way, so I guess we are lucky compairing :-)


    Your post is bringing back memories! I remember my first flight into South America. It was so exciting but also kind of scary at the same time because I had heard that South America was so dangerous.


    Ok brazil is so beautiful for beaches , but you should try peru in south america

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