Flamenco dresses

We have had a bit better weather since my last post, much warmer and sunny too – until today, so we´ve been able to enjoy.

Half of the pleasure has been to sit outside, both at home at the terrass of the casa and out in the city too – sipping on our Sangria´s and eating delicious.

The casa is an old stone house, so it´s really chilly inside which will be just perfect during the hottest summer months – especially for the dogs. There is an terrass in front of the casa and one up on the roof too – where we mostly hang our laundry…

An obvious thing is that all three of us has been in need to relax and sleep a lot too. Either that or the sea breeze is “killing us” ;-)

We´re trying to get to know this little town by feet, so we get a lot of exercise. Sanlucar de Barrameda is a very nice little town with a lot of things to offer.

The town is filled with different Bodegas and we haven´t visited one – yet. We certainly have to before we leave!!!!

Lots of beach strolls. The beach is actually not quite the Atlantic Ocean, but the river mouth of rio Guadalquivir to the Atlantic ocean and the river water sometimes is stirred up quite a lot.

The other day we went to Jerez de la Frontera, which is located about 25 kilmoters from Sanlucar de Bda. Were we hoped to see some real Flamenco, thousand-year-old folklore with the deepest roots of the Andalusian culture.

…but the nearest we came the Flamenco were theses dresses in the photo! There should be a Flamenco performance at 7 pm at one place and we did find the right place, but no Flamenco!

What a disappointment… but such is life :-)

Jerez is a wonderful city which we easily found our way in and as we noticed, some really nice and friendly people too. Really helpful to strangers.

We had a very nice day in Jerez, sitting in the sun eating and drinking too!

…but no: I did not remember to take photos of the Tapas we did ate! I´m so hopeless!!! *giggles*

You can now follow the weather here too, in the sidebar. I´ve switched to the weather reports from Seville which has similar weather conditions as here.

We´re expecting rain here, maybe tomorrow. Then I hope that it improves again. Well, at least it isn´t icecold winds anymore.

We´ve had some problems to charge our batteries for the mobiles and cameras, it takes too long time and Mr L´s mobile is´nt charging at all unfortunately.

That´s why I haven´t update by Twitter lately either, but I promise to improve in that matter, so keep an eye on my Twitters in the sidebar too!

So: what next? Home to the Sangria and other yummy things.

Oh, you mean what to see next? Hm, let me think….

Maybe next excursion will go to Cadiz? Stay tuned and you´ll know…

Captain ♥Spain Lifecruiser

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    Sanni said:

    Awwww… here´s a deal – I´ll dance Flamenco for you and you´ll have a Sangria for me, okay???

    Enjoy your trip!

    Sanni’s last blog post..Pretty Please…


    Sounds like lots of fun. I hope the weather stays nice for you though. Warm is so nice around this time of year. Just enjoy the great food and most especially the Sangria. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..The Big Bang

    Kango said:

    Looks like you’re enjoying the stay. And those Flamenco dreeses look nice. Post some pics of the town, captain, and we’ll all be able to enjoy your holiday. :)

    Kango’s last blog post..Baby Tiger Breaks Into San Francisco Zoo

    Mar said:

    Glad you are having a good time (the weather is supposed to get much sunnier this week!) , enjoy those beach strolls and the sangría. Salud! :cool:

    Mar’s last blog post..weekend snapshot

    Gattina said:

    18 ° is not bad and with sunshine it’s even warm. I see you start to wake up from your half winter sleep ! Food and drinks sound good so enjoy !! We have storm here since yesterday about 80km/h makes everybody nervous !

    TorAa said:

    Wow, that south in Europe;D.
    Butt, when in Jerez, you drink Sangria? Heavens loose, why not Sherry? You have simply walked too much, or is the old stone house that has transformed some of your brain cells. LOL.

    We are so happy to hear from you on a REAL cruise. And we also do know, the two of you will never freeze together, in contrary.

    Anna Y el Toro

    TorAa’s last blog post..We have a visitor

    RennyBA said:

    Must be lovely to explore, to adjust and to relax – great to know you are doing fine and even have more south Europe like weather. Sorry there was not Flamenco though – so did you danced yourself instead? :lol:

    Hope the Sangria tasted good;; Skååååååååål

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Rakfisk, a Traditional feast in Norway

    ByrningBunny said:

    I’m sure you’ll find the flamenco soon enough — perhaps you’ll have to do it yourself after a few more sips of sangria. lol Sounds so nice and relaxing. Enjoy the warmth for all of us still in the North.

    ByrningBunny’s last blog post..This, that and the other

    claudie said:

    I’m sure you will find somewhere the best flamenco! here there is a big wind today! A such mistral! I think we will fly when we go out in a moment! Relax, taste all and enjoy! I keep my eyes on you two, my dear cruisers! Olé!

    claudie’s last blog post..MY HOMEWORKS!!!!!

    Shoshana said:

    I like beach strolls…can’t get enough of it…if I see a snow, I just want to be under my blanket in my favorite couch with a book and a big bar of chocolate!

    Shoshana’s last blog post..Happy Birthday to My Sister

    A. said:

    It sounds wonderful! It will do you a world of good just to relax and sleep, whatever the reason..

    A.’s last blog post..Gender gaps

    Ali said:

    It sounds so wonderful, and those flamenco dresses are gorgeous – I would love to have one!!

    TJ @ said:

    hmm… strolling by the sea… cant get enough of it. i remember my first date was by the beach in a cool climate and with breeze blowing over. i still find myself going over to a resort with my laptop to do the freelancing work with no one to disturb.

    its a pleasure to behold.


    TJ @ Smartblogtips.coms last blog post..Top Reason Why Non Reciprocal Links are Crucial

    Mary McKnight said:

    Been to Jarez myself and indeed it is a beautiful area. Sounds like it was yet another wonderful excursion for you. Sangria sounds good right about now.

    Mary McKnights last blog post..Real Estate Net Gossip: Is Trulia black hatting and scraping listings from Vflyer?

    Daniel said:

    Been to Jarez and I must say it is a really spectacular site. A great trip and I am glad you liked it as it really is one of the best places and nicest you can travel too. Cool see and sitting on a nice boat wow what I great trip, I want to travel again :D . So nice when there is a beutiful breeze through the warm sun, but not to warm, just enough to keep you cozy and comfortable. A great way to get away from work and just have a nice relaxing vacation.

    Daniels last blog post..Madrid to

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