We were asked by Carina at Pocketvillage if we could share our fave travel song with them, which we thought sounded like a fun idea. They did put together a travel songs summer 2011 playlist.

All the participating travel bloggers also wrote some text about why this is they’re favorite travel song – quite interesting so follow the above link to read them!

We did choose a brilliant song of Chris Rea: The Road to Hell. For us travel in itself is a road AWAY from hell – the every day life routines. This song tells you that the life you’re trapped in, is the road to hell and you cant get out. It’s a wake-up call for more freedom. Somehow it also reminds us about the Vikings with their urge to go on their plundering trips…

Besides that: the music is very catchy, the guitar-playing is simply awesome and Chris voice so d*rn pleasant to listen too!

Hey! If you like the playlist, please share the love and support the radio project by sharing the information with your friends and readers.

We will definitely play it on our next road trip!

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2 Comments on “Fave Summer Travel Music Mix”

    Petina/ pocketvillage said:

    happy to hear you enjoyed taking part in the summer travel radio mix. It was def fun hearing what songs each of you picked as your fave and the reason why. Happy listening! ^_^

    maslakon said:

    the song sounded classic and delicious heard. very rare music like this color. if it is developed will definitely be a masterpiece

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