Sometimes in the mornings we have company by Frida, one of the farmcats at our summer farm stay. She is waiting for us to make breakfast, but she seldom wants anything. She is often just being social.

faro-morning-cat, Gotland, Sweden

She is very friendly and social and runs after or at the side of the farmer all the time. almost like a dog. Very cute!

Lifecruiser Farm Cats

4 Comments on “Farm Photo: Morning Cat”

    Mar said:

    Awww, how cute! we went for a stroll yesterday and run into a tiny kitten, so we just had to stop for five minutes just to play :)

    Ginnie said:

    Such a sweet touch to the beginning of your day!


    Oh, kittens are so hard to resist! Verrry easy to be tempted to get one…. I say no more… *giggles*


    Yes, Ginnie, one can easily get used to that sweet morning welcome…

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