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This is a statue of the world famous Linneaus, the Swede that over 300 years ago started to write the taxonomy we still use today. He could do that because he went out in the world exploring every plant in his way and writing systematically about it. He was a man that was before his time.

I want to urge us to explore the world more. Be curious, explore everything and I really mean everything, to not shut ourselves in, in our own lives only. We can benefit a lot from exploring the world.

There are so many interesting subjects to explore out there, if we give it the time. Open our minds, see every little thing as a new experience, with new eyes.

We should never take this world and all that’s in it for granted. We’ll never know when something is going to vanish, be extinguished or something else happen – we should enjoy it while it’s here for us to enjoy.

This reminds me of a travel program I saw recently. They did travel with blind people. Yes, they wanted to travel even if they didn’t see a thing! They could still feel the different atmosphere, smells, tastes, sounds and get the places described by the guides.

We could learn a lot from blind people. To really SEE things. To not take it for granted, even if it’s our daily views.

Even if the things we see and experience is totally different from what we have at home and want for ourselves – we should see other cultures life and habits as an experience and opportunity to ponder and maybe even learn something from.

It’s never a bad thing to get all-round educated.

Every traveller is an explorer in some way, even if only going on charter trips and laying on a beach all the time.

If every human being saw a bit beyond their own lives, maybe we should have a totally different world today… More understanding for sure.

I’ve been exploring quite a lot in advance about the places I’ve been visiting in real life, where to go, when it’s the best time to go there and where the best place to stay is. That have saved our trips many times, made them to the very best experience we could have had.

Mr L and I have adjusted our trips to our own needs, interests and taste, making it to a success.

If we don’t have the possibility to travel far, we at least have the opportunity to explore the world close to our own neighborhood. There is always new places to explore.

If we have a blog, we’re even more lucky – then we can explore the blogosphere. There are so many excellent bloggers out here to visit and to get new impressions from – and learn things, not to mention make new friends :-)

We did travel a lot between 2004-2006, before my health and other duties came in between and I missed it so much that I started the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise early this year.

Obviously, there are a lot of explorers among the bloggers and we’ve had a blast in the past and many new cyber adventures are waiting us – just have a look at the impressive schedule in the end of this post!

The Cyber Cruise is giving us golden opportunities to have a personally made guide seightseeing tour at a lot of places, many of them not even described at any tourist brochures!!!! We get to see the places with very genuine local eyes many times.

I really appreciate to read what my blogging buddies think about that place – very often making me wish that I was there already!!!

I wish that all bloggers joined us at the Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise, but of course that is only wish thinking :-)

Though I do wish that I’ve inspired you a bit by this post and you’ll book a trip somewhere….

Please tell me if you do.

Captain Explorer Lifecruiser

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22 Comments on “Explore More Is The Core”

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    what a great post–and I learned a lot too. Enjoy your Tuesday.

    mharia said:

    that’s a wonderful idea … blogger cruisers!
    too bad I don’t travel much, but it would be wonderful to visit the sites featured by different bloggers!
    loved your post!

    Gattina said:

    You know that I love to travel but the worst thing for me is to travel with people who only do it to tell the neighbors they had been there and there. When I did my last round trip through Turkey my travel companions where only interested in buying souvenirs ! They better stay home then.
    I too like to travel to the blogspere it’s much more interesting than a travel guide !

    claudie said:

    I’m total ok with all I read in your post! Travel is the best school! Meeting new people, new landscapes and strange animals…and new music of course! I would like to teach in other countries but my husband works with the train company…only in France! I know that teachers who have worked all around the world have another vision of things.


    I would like the chance to travel to many places with my family. It’s a great opportunity I don’t want to miss in life.

    That’s a wonderful story about blind people going on tour. They might not have the sense of sight but their other senses are sharper than others.

    Maribeth said:

    I stopped buying souvenirs and started buying post cards of the wonderful places I go. To see, to know, that is the greatest thing!

    Dallas Meow said:

    what an idea to explore famous influential people that fall out of our normal mainstream flow …. more learned is good indeed!

    LInda said:

    I agree with our needing to explore even in our own backyard. A few years ago I had a friend visit from South Carolina and taking him on a tour of my community I was given the joy of seeing and exploring things with fresh eyes. I was seeing everything again as if it were new.

    Great post!!

    Misty Dawn said:

    I’d love to go on one of those cruises, armed with my camera!

    Great post!

    Anna said:

    I really enjoyed your post. I agree – explore and appreciate everything that is around you. I really do try not to take anything for granted.

    The blogosphere is a wonderful way to visit places and people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to explore or meet.

    BeccA's Buzz said:

    Fantastic Heads or Tails! Really, a great post. I also encouraged my readers to get out and explore the world we’re in! It’s marvelous, after all! I took a slightly different approach to the topic, come see!

    Caledonia said:

    Brilliant post, Mrs L! Makes me want to find a new project and explore, explore, explore!

    Mama Pajama said:

    Thanks for stopping by my site. I loved this post.

    TorAa said:

    You are a great inspirator. So great we asked to visit you and Mr L at Faaröe. That was a blast.

    And I want, once again, tell all your readers and cybercruisers: Our Captain is a unique person. Anna and I – we hope you will recover from all your health challenges, and that you both can start travelling again. We all want to accommendate you.

    PS. About blind: Tomorrow I’ll drive a collegue – he his visually-handicapped – from Oslo to Strömstad. Hope to make a cyber-event out of that.

    Anna and Tor

    .: mar said:

    Very deep thoughts here, Captain, very clever and inspirational post.
    I think ever since I started blogging I am more aware of my surroundings, what I see, what I sense, I carry my camera along, not only when I go on vacation like it used to be the case before.
    And the cyber cruise has of course added a new dimension to my way of blogging when I describe a place I have visited. Or maybe I think it is my “job” to get the most out of a sightseeing just to make it worth it to be shared. There is a wonderful audience thanks to your initiative and I get to see so many different places from home!

    .: mar said:

    ps: two long lost blog friends found themselves again in my comment section, isn’t that COOL!!

    Skittles said:

    You are right about how we miss so much in our lives.

    For a true blog addict like myself, sometimes all it takes is to turn the computer off and walk away.

    Sword Girl said:

    There are still so many places I wanna see around here and in sister states and so many places in other states and countries. The cyber cruise is making me wanna go even more. I feel so familiar with so many places now like Sweden and Norway and France and so many now; when I go one day, I’ll be like, “oh yeah, I remember that”! What a beautiful post Captain! :-D

    A. said:

    “If every human being saw a bit beyond their own lives, maybe we should have a totally different world today… More understanding for sure.”

    How very, very true! A fantastic post Captain. I’m really inspired by the new world blogging has opened up for me.

    Andrée said:

    I just heard a podcast about Linneaus and his taxonomy. They want to revise it because they are finding creatures now that have to be re-named. Too much re-naming and re-organizing. it was fascinating. And even Linneaus gave some creatures different names, which made things more confusing.

    Toni said:

    Very inspiring post. I really agree with you on that. That tour with the blind people must have been really an interesting experience. In our trip to Hamburg we visited a museum run by the blind. The goal of this museum is to bring seeing people to their world. When we got in, it was pitch black, we just had our canes and the blind guide. She guided us in a typical life of a blind person. It was a wonderful learning experience!

    Jaysee Blabs said:

    Totally inspired me to blog about travelling! Eye opening insights you got there dude! Indeed man has to look at his roots to explore the world out of his own curiosity.

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