Enjoying a college football Saturday is something that everyone should experience, even if they are not a big football fan. The pageantry, excitement and energy that a Saturday brings with it on a big college football school’s campus have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. There is no bigger college football school than Ohio State University. Keep reading to see why you should get some Ohio State Buckeyes football tickets and head to Columbus for the next home football this fall.


Tailgating is one of the most exciting parts of the gameday experience at Ohio State. Parking lots all over the Ohio State campus begin to fill up at least 5 hours before the game, even earlier in the case of a primetime night football game. There is lots of great tailgating food, lots of imbibing and lots of friendly people enjoying one of the best tailgate atmospheres on the planet.


This is one of the best traditions at Ohio State. An individual or group will yell out the letters, "O! H!" and those around them yell back the letters, "I! O!"

This happens repeatedly over the course of gameday, starting at the tailgates and progressing to the huge chants of it between tens of thousands of fans at the stadium.

Skull Session

One of the best traditions in college football is the Skull Session held at St. John’s Arena two hours before kickoff in Columbus. The Ohio State Marching band, colorfully nicknamed The Best Damn Band in the Land, provides music at a giant pep rally in the arena. This is extremely popular and some fans start showing up for the Skull Session two hours before it begins.

The Hive

This tradition is only a few years old, but it has already become one of the best parts of Ohio State Football. The team comes out on the field a half hour before kickoff, gathers in an end zone, locks arms together and starts to sway to the sounds of AC/DC’s hit song, "Hell’s Bells." After moving around in the end zone pressed tightly together in the hive, they burst out of the hive and run down the field.

A Game in Front of 105,000 Rabid Fans

One of the best parts of getting Ohio State Buckeyes Football Tickets is the opportunity of watching a game with 105,000 other screaming fans. The amount of noise that fans make in "The Horseshoe" is incredible. Its real name is Ohio University, but The Horseshoe is what it is called for its unique shape. Fans will get to see lots of great football action in one of the most historic and beautiful stadiums in the country.

An Amazing Experience

Going to a game at Ohio State University is something that everyone that has a chance to should definitely do. When you go, be sure to dress warmly. The late fall football games in Columbus get a little nippy. Bundle up in a red and grey hoodie or coat, preferably with the Buckeye logo on it.

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