Event Calendar for your blog

This is a cool tool for the busy ones who has a slight case of altzheimers or dementia (or bad cases like us).

If you publish the Calendar badge on your blog, you get a lot of help from other people reading it and reminding you. If it is stuff you want to be reminded of, of course. Do not write about embarrassing things there. Or, come to think about it: please do that!

You can share calendar with a bunch of people, for example, the other maniacs you fool around with.

There is the option to mark the event as private or public, but we prefer if you do not mark all the naughty stuff you write there as private ;-) Do not be stingy, share your most private details with every one on the hole world wide web. Exciting yes?

There is a widget for your own computers desktop too, so you can sit in piece and quiet and write down everything nice that is happening in your life. Or nothing if you having a boring life. Then another feature is very helpful - when you are out surfing and see some cool event on other sites, you can add that to your calendar.

One of the most useful feature is that you can choose to be reminded by email for important events - if you remember to click that choice….

All your fans can subscribe to your Calendar with rss-feed. Need we say more?

All this fabulous stuff and more (for free!) with the excellent CalendarHub!!!

You can se how the badge is looking in the sidebar to the right of this page, between Categories and Monthly. If you click on the headline in the badge (Events), you can have a look at our calendar.

NOTE: It is a BETA-version, still improvements needed, but hey, it is free….

Get On Board!