A very important event for the Swedes has been held this evening, the voting for which song will be the participant for Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest for 2006. The Contest has been going on since 1956.

The winner of the Swedish songs this year is Carola with the song Evighet (Eternity). She is a very popular singer over here and she has a very good voice, no doubt about it! She has a very powerful voice and can sing everything from Gospel to Pop or ballads or whatever.

She will go to Athens to participate in the big contest 18-20 of May. She has come in 1st place once earlier, so she have routine. We have one more Swede participating there too, Sandra, who is representing Estonia.

Earlier times Sweden has come on 1st place in the contest:

1974 Abba, Waterloo
1984 Herrey’s, Diggi-loo Diggi-ley
1991 Carola, FÃ¥ngad av en stormvind (Catched by a storm wind)
1999 Charlotte Nilsson, Take me to your heaven

Usually, we do have a habit of getting pretty high up in the ranking.

Eurovisions Song Contest 2006

Secret whisper: Personally I’m often fond of United Kingdoms and Irelands contributions….

4 Comments on “Eurovision Song Contest 2006”

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Do you know, I used to watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year.. I wouldn’t miss it for anyone! How things change eh, for some reason I haven’t watched it for about 10 years lol

    But good luck!


    Lifecruiser said:

    I don’t watch it every year any longer either, but a lot of people still do and I think even the youngsters do it too. It has somehow become cool with that kind of music.

    Walker CANADA said:

    I think I saw something about it on greek TV. My parents have it glued to the only Greek channel they get here in Canada.
    I wish her luck

    Lifecruiser said:

    The Greek channel hey, I wonder how that is… Getting curios…

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