Now we have come to the most boring part of preparations before going on a trip: to pack all your stuff for a long trip! When being away for so long as a month with various weather conditions as well as activities, one need to pack wise. This time we had two different trips to pack for at the same time!

Soon we’re going on a month long stay at our summer paradise island Fårö, Gotland (Sweden) and then we’re only at home one day before leaving for another one month long road trip (at least 7500 km) in Europe with our own car.

Since our summer island is more casual than our Europe road trip will be, we needed to pack our stuff for the Europe trip BEFORE we decided what to bring to our summer island.

Luckily we now have extra suitcases we bought recently, so we did pack them with our clothes and stuff we need for Europe and the clothes left over was packed in the old suitcases.

Then we will let the new suitcases stand here in our apartment already packed while we’re away, so we will be ready to almost turn in the door for the next trip…

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    Ginnie said:

    WOW! That is REALLY planning ahead. BRAVO!

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