The preparations for our 7500 km long Europe roadtrip this summer is continuing. We needed a convenient way to keep our Champagne bottles and yummy snacks cool during the hot climate in the countries we’re visiting. We found the perfect one for our Skoda Yeti, surprisingly not: at Skoda Stockholm.

Skoda coolbox 15L in Yeti backseat, Lifecruiser

Yes, of course we had to test it at once, putting some yummy snacks to go with the two Champagne bottles. We noticed that the cooler worked very well already at the short time we did have it on. Perfect!

We will hardtest this cooler during our month-long roadtrip, from Stockholm, Sweden through many countries in the hot summer month of August. Our goal is Provence, France and we know by experience that it’s hot there at that time of the year.

.. and we had to have some fun too – look at this other photo below and you’ll understand….

Skoda coolbox 15L Champagne and yummy snacks of Lifecruiser

This was another cheap Ferrari though….lol… Our Skoda Yeti is almost Ferrari red funny enough. And our favorite Skoda service adviser is Alexander…

I hope he likes this celebrate of his name!

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4 Comments on “Europe Trip Preparations: Champagne Coolbox Snacks”


    Looks like you’re in for a romantic drive from those pictures :)


    You guys need t visit Romania too, otherwise your European tour wouldn’t be complete :)
    Or at least come closer and smell the Romanian air, it’s quite contagious :)


    Best idea EVER! That cool box is my idea of heaven. Now just need to leave hints to the other half to buy me one. If that fails I’ll just get it for myself ;)

    Ginnie said:

    Ours doesn’t look like this but we, too, have a cooler that hooks up to the cigarette lighter. It is such a great idea!

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