Yet another Europe trip preparation: getting my camera up and ready to shoot breathtaking (hopefully!) travel photos from different countries and places during our long Europe trip. At least the scenery will be breathtaking, my photos might not be as good as the live version…

Lifecruiser Travel Canon EOS 600D camera

Photo of my camera above taken with my iPhone, it is a Canon DSLR. A Canon EOS 600D with a Sigma AF 70-300/4-5.6 DG OS lens, a new UV-filter (to protect), new lens cap with a holder (I lost the original almost at once *sigh*) plus a new extra battery too.

I almost always end up buying my camera gears at cyberphoto.se. No, I’m not paid to say that, it’s just how it is. They always have everything I’m searching for plus that I love their honest test reviews and ratings.

My camera equipment fits in a smaller Golla Generation Mobile camera bag. As little as possible to carry is my photo philosophy, because I get severe neck pain otherwise.

No extra memory card? No, because we will have our Canon Powershot S5 IS plus Canon Ixus 80 IS with several memory cards with us too – and we also have our mobile cameras, an iPhone 4S (which camera I’m very pleased with!) and a HTC Incredible S.

On top of that we plan to backup our photos to both Flickr and Lifecruiser’s new Travel Notebook PC.

If we lose any photos anyway: then we have to do this trip all over again, won’t we? Ha ha…

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    I just recently bought my first REAL camera…as much as I wanted a Canon or Nikon DSLR, I took the advice of a fellow travel blogger and purchased the Sony Nex C3…and I love it! It’s so small and light weight and it takes amazing photos!


    What camera to buy for a traveler, really is a matter of taste – sometimes size don’t have any importance ;-) As long as you can take awesome pictures with it and feel comfortable with the handling of it, it really doesn’t matter what kind of camera it is! It all depends on what you feel is YOUR prioritized features.

    Canon Fan said:

    Hey Lifecruiser,

    Stumbled onto your blog while trying to find preparation tips for travelling with camera. You mentioned in your blog post that you try to travel as light as possible – would you consider bringing a tripod if you had the extra luggage space?

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