Day 3 of our one month long Europe trip, we landed in Wijk aan Zee in the Netherlands, to meet up with Ginnie and Astrid who lives in Gorinchem, The Netherlands. We also planned to meet another blogger, Cora and Ron in IJMuiden today (Day 4) in another very nice beach area.

Ginnie ( and and Astrid had agreed to meet us in the hotel lobby and they did sneak up behind me, surprising me even though I suspected them! Ha ha… Always up for some fun! They kind enough did drive a long way just to meet us. Of course, they are explorers like we are, so they loved to do some sightseeing too. We had a lovely time together, we also sat down at a restaurant to eat and drink and chat, and it was like we had been friends for a long time already – of course, it helps when you have the same photo interest too, but they really are such a nice couple.

It was also very nice of Astrid to help us up with our two heavy suitcases (packing for a month!) up two VERY steep stairs, incredible enough they didn’t have any lift, I suppose it was because it was an old villa the hotel were situated in. Though because of the carrying of the suitcases, hubby got a severe neck pain during the night, not sleeping as much as he needed. Behold of our surprise when we met the same two steep stairs in our hotel tonight too!!! Ha ha ha… could it have something to do with the spa bathroom (whirlpool) both of them had? Yes, incredible coincidence or what?

From Wijk aan Zee it’s not long way to IJMuiden and it was on our way to Vlissingen where we stay for tonight, so we could spend about 4 hours together with Cora ( and Ron and their two darling dogs. We had said before that we didn’t mind choosing to walk at a dog friendly beach, because I love to see dogs having fun. We also had a couple of beers (yes, now again…) and had a very easy going talk. I must say that we had a lot more in common than we realized even before. We have been through similar things and have had the same thoughts about many things. We could have stayed for ever, but, we have a schedule to keep and we were almost sorry for that…

As always when having a nice time, time flies way too fast and it was time to depart. But between us all, in both our blogger meetups, we know that we will meet again for sure, because we really felt like old friends.

Thank you dear friends, for giving us such a good time. Internet really can get you awesome, awesome friends…

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Lifecruiser Europe roadtrip 2012 Flickr Photos too, we will continue to upload our photos as soon as we got the time to do it – and working, fast enough wifi.

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3 Comments on “Europe Trip: Blogger meet in Wijk aan Zee and IJMuiden, The Netherlands”

    Ginnie said:

    We both are THRILLED to have met the 2 of you, LCT. It was totally worth the 100 km to find you there in Wijk aan Zee. We’d do it again and do believe we’ll get the chance. Thank you.

    Tink said:

    We had a great time too! It was so wonderful to meet you two.
    Au revoir, until we meet again! :)

    Gattina said:

    I know this region very well my oldest friend (I know her since 1951 !) has a holiday house in Camperland which is very close to Vlissingen, I have been there several times it’s a cute little town !
    Have a nice trip through Belgium !

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