We have booked overnight stays for our Europe trip for 21 nights with a huge variety: at Hotels, Gasthaus, Pensions, Bed and Breakfasts and holiday apartments. They are country-styled, in cities, plain and/or cheap, a bit luxurious, at special places, with a view, had great reviews – or just because they looked cozy.

Normally we would not make this kind of trip in August at all and not have booked all the trip stays like this, but now we have to consider that we shall meet some friends, adjusting to their schedule – and it’s high season for many Europeans.

We don’t want any fuss around finding somewhere to stay. This time we wanted to allow us something more and to stay at places we did choose ourselves.

Yes, it will be a bit more expensive than necessary (especially if we had done this trip another time at the year!) for us with all those accommodations (plus 2 times ferry tickets). Accumulated cost: around 20.000 SEK (approx €2245 / $2935), but we succeeded rather well considering the class of the places and what we get for the money, most of them also with a proper breakfast included.

Hotels are almost never that cheap when booking in advance and those are not any last minute rates unfortunately, but it’s our choice. Since we’re avoiding the big cities, we didn’t have that many hostels to choose between either.

Then we have 4 nights at Claudie and Pierre’s home in Provence, 2 nights with Linda and Anders in the Gothenburg area and perhaps 1-2 nights at friends in Sweden before returning to Stockholm. Apart from the friends mentioned above, we will have a meetup with the Norwegians in Provence too, with Ginnie and Astrid in the Netherlands and perhaps also Gattina in Belgium.

So are we completely ready with the planning yet? No, we will never be. There is still some research to do about every place we pass or stop at, to be sure of what we want to see and absolutely not miss.

We’re just making preliminary detail plans, because you never know when you’re finally there, what you really feel like doing…

Stay tuned, because we have more to tell you about this trip later!

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    Sounds a marvelous trip through Europa! Lucky you are!

    Ginnie said:

    YAAAAY for getting the dates on the calendar. THANK YOU.


    Your vacation sounds awesome. However I think it involves a lot of planning and research and yes as you’ve said much more expensive.

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