We’re getting late on our updates about our around 7500 km long roadtrip through Europe, it’s tough to keep on the road for so long changing places to stay almost every night, but also to have the time to upload all photos, write something and hopefully on a working Wifi or other internet connection.

So far we have traveled around 4400 km. We left Provence two days ago and have been through the French alps (gorgeous!) plus in Switzerland and Liechtenstein since then and are in Austria’s Alps for the moment. Beautiful surroundings indeed!!!!

We had no Wifi on the phone today, so some photos from the Alps will be delayed one day more, be patient with us.

Continue to keep an eye on Lifecruiser Europe roadtrip 2012 Flickr Photos too, there are new photos there now and we will upload our photos as soon as we got the time to do it – and working, fast enough wifi. So far, it’s mostly my iPhone photos because it’s easiest that way..

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